Saturday, March 18, 2017

Beer Walk the Plank

Matt at the awesome Bob Walk the Plank and I decided to trade beer as well as baseball cards. This is certainly a more expensive habit than cardboard, but in involves cardboard still in the boxing & shipping process so I do not feel as though I am cheating on the hobby! My part of the trade was to visit a local brewery called Trillium which Matt confessed was a bucket list brewery. So, from that perspective how could I not but help to fulfill the dream?

In return for the twelve cans in four varieties, Mr. BWTP sent me twelve cans and bottles. The game was on. First, a picture of the starting line-up:

Let's treat this like a high school yearbook group photograph:

Back row, left to right
1. Founders Lizard of Koz
2. Foothills Sexual Chocolate
3. Founders KBS
4. Great Lakes Chillwave Double IPA
5. Lagunitas High West-ified Imperial Coffee Stout
6. Founders Frootwood
7. Fat Heads Hop Juju Imperial IPA
8. Stone Xocoveza

Front row, left to right
1. Greenbriar Valley Devil Anse IPA
2. Sixpoint Brewery 5 Beans
3. Champion Brewery Santa's Cookies
4. Bell's Hopslam IPA

Matt also thoughtfully sent me beer related stuff. Coasters and a stopper.

When I took the photo it wasn't oriented like that. What the hell?

I'm an IPA person and I was most excited to have a selection sent that included that delicious style, but also introduced me to new flavors. I was surprised by a couple of them because they aren't beers I ever would have tried on my own (Frootwood and the Lizard of Koz, a blueberry/chocolate bourbon barrel stout known as a dessert beer). The Sexual Chocolate too was very tasty. The coffee stouts were different, too and over all I like coffee and I like stout, but I'm not certain I like them together. I won't rule the genre of beer out, but it's good to try new things.

One thing I can say is that I couldn't drink the Lizard of Koz all in one sitting/evening. This was the beer that I was most nervous about but my oh my oh my: it was shockingly good. I have a sweet tooth that won't quit, but found myself stopping up the bottle for another day (today, to be exact!).

I still have a number of beers still to try (the 5Beans and all the IPA's) and I am looking forward to working my way through them in the coming weeks

I can't not mention Darryl Strawberry, so, Darryl Strawberry.

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  1. Some of those sound interesting.. Of course, I think the major issue would be being in Canada lol

  2. Matt and I traded beers also. Be sure to stop by my blog, All Trade Bait, All The Time to read my review. I'll probably post it up tomorrow morning.

  3. It has been a lot of fun seeing what you liked and what you didn't. Really going to help me hone in future packages. I was actually surprised that you liked Lizard of Koz. It was probably the most unique of the bunch. Maybe it helped that I gave you the disclaimer beforehand!

    1. Matt! The disclaimer may have been what made me so nervous! But I did appreciate it. I think what did it was that it didn't smell (to me) of blueberries. I love the fruit, but sometimes the essence is too much. Thank you so much!