Saturday, March 25, 2017

Incoming Darryl Strawberry and John Kruk Baseball Cards

Since late September I have sent a decent number of cards in many separate packages and envelopes to a collector who seeks Indians cards, as well as a bunch of non-Indians players. I'm always happy to send cards I don't want to someone who does! The other day I got a return package of 15 cards: 13 Darryl Strawberry's and 2 John Kruk's. Let's look at them!

1985 Donruss and Leaf. Classic early Darryl Strawberry cards when there was more promise than a first date in eighth grade. Or... Classique cartes Darryl Strawberry tôt quand il y avait plus de promesse qu'une première date en huitième année.

A lamentably off-center 1987 Topps. This is a strong candidate for a wallet card. However, on the other hand, look at all the beautiful wood grain on the left hand side. Mmmm. Wood grain.

Some 1989 Straw's... No -- you're not seeing double! There are two of the Kmart Dream Team issue. Great card, post swing. I fool myself into thinking it was a home run, but like a first date in eighth grade it was full of delusion.  As for the Bazooka: is there a better reminder of of the 1980s? Very much looks like the Bazooka and Kmart card might have been taken in the same game, if not the same at bat! The Score card is effing sweet. I love the color, the design, the front photograph. Nice. Excellent. A Home Run.

1990 Topps and Score. 1990 was probably, I think, the last year I truly collected and that was that. Girls and running and a job got in the way on continuing the hobby. Which is strange because it was the first time I was earning decent money and could have afforded to really indulge in the hobby. But, like other things, it kind of fell away. It was around this time that I started hitting Ben-n-Jerry's in Old Town Alexandria for twice-weekly pints of ice cream (O! Metabolism!) and dates and things. And buying CD's and probably other things. The image on the back of the Score card makes me laugh. Just a nice, casual, shit-eating grin. I'd love to know what was said or on his mind.

1991: Classic and Score. Torn between two worlds here: Mets and Dodgers. The contrast between the way Straw looks in the back photograph of the base Score card and the Master Blaster card couldn't be more different. Think the Score is an older photograph, possibly, as the double-chin present in the Master Blaster is nowhere near forming

1992 Classic card. Still, I know I'm a broken record, but the Dodgers thing is just unnatural.

Now, let's look at the beautiful John Kruk. I'm not sure in this 1988 Donruss card if he's had to have started shaving yet. That would change...

Four years later, corrupted by the Philadelphia Phillies, Kruk because a beast more feared in looks than a velociraptor.

I adore the 1992 Topps cards, particularly those that feature the image on the back, like this, of the player's home stadium. ADORE!

Only 3 out of the 15 were cards were new for my player collections, but several others gave me a second card, which is always nice. They are back-up plan cards or just-in-case cards. Like, if someone I know wants/can't find a card and I have two of them I wouldn't hesitate to send one along (Straw's 1983 Topps Traded card being among a few exceptions!).

Thanks for the cards. And, as usual...

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Glad to see you enjoyed the cards. I am on the look out for more Strawberry and Kruk cards for you. Looking forward to the next round of cards from you.