Friday, April 28, 2017

All Darryl Strawberry Most of the Time

I made a one card trade with Oscar of All Trade Bait, All The Time recently, sending him a Rickey Henderson insert card from the 2016 Topps set. I was happy to send it to him.

In return, I got this sweet 1995 Select Darryl Strawberry card representing the Straw man as a San Francisco Giants outfielder.

I really like the card number on the back inside the home plate. And I like that they highlighted a good thing too, on the back, kind of acknowledging a nine winning streak that he may (or may not) have had much to do with. As a Dodgers fan, I imagine it wasn't too difficult for Oscar to part with this card...

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Was Darryl Strawberry an Angel? Part the Second

The second set of Darryl Strawberry cards that I received recently in a trade from Tom of The Angels, in Order are presented in this blog post.

The first are from 1989 with a Score and a Topps card. Classic right leg lift to launch a ball in the former and a more casual shot in the latter.

Looks like, to me, that 1990 Donruss above and 1990 Fleer below are using photographs from the same game? I miss actual stirrups.

If Darryl Strawberry, above, where in the Hobbit series, he'd be Logoless.   Ladies and Gentlemen, I'll be here all week.

The Dodgers years, aka, we've all been in dark places...

Looking kind of stiff there, Darryl in the below 1993 Donruss card. Now the card back is really cool as it looks like it captured the moment of contact.

Tom really hooked me up with a bunch of great cards. Thanks Tom!

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Was Darryl Strawberry an Angel? Part the First

Tom from the awesome Angels in Order sent me a slew of Darryl Strawberry cards. This is the first of two batches as there were so many it just seemed to make sense to divide them up.

The answer to the question of course is no, Darryl Strawberry was not an Angel during his baseball career but happily of course he was able to survive and conquer his struggles. He's now a role model in a different way, arguably a better way.

These cards are from the Mets years and includes examples from 1984 to 1989.  I was astounded Tom sent me a 1984 Topps Rookie. In my mind this is still a very valuable card though price guides might tell you different. At least for me there is a high value associated with it for it hearkens back to the period of time when it was really valuable. This card seems quite well centered with sharp-looking corners and good coloring. There are a few of white printing splotches on the card back.

Gotta love these cards. The O-Pee-Chee font is so different and weird and the white stock on the back made me wonder at first if they issued an O-Pee-Chee Tiffany set? I don't think they did. Anyway, it's quite a contrast to the gray stock below.

I never ever had the Darryl Strawberry box top before this year and don't really ever remember seeing it. And now I have it. This has been a good year. I like this shot so much better than the 1988 Topps base card.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Was John Kruk an Angel?

Well, I'm not sure really if John Kruk was an Angel. In order to determine that, let's look at some cards, in order of their release, recently sent to me from the awesome Tom from Angels in Order. I had sent Tom some cards, and in return, 14 John Kruk's and 22 Darryl Strawberry's whisked their way to my greedy mailbox. The Strawberry's will be the subject of two blog posts in the future!

That cover boy face!

Below, once Kruk was a Phillies, he brought sexy back to the city of brotherly loathing.

Should've been the ace of spades....

Kruk grew a mullet that was beyond beautiful. I don't have any problem saying that, either. All these images are great, but he's just not as dirty as I want him to be.

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