Saturday, April 1, 2017

1995 Fleer Every Night

This blog is nearly one year old and when I started it I wasn't exactly sure where it would go, where I would go, even, or what would happen! But to my surprise and happiness I've had a lot of fun blogging even though my posts are typically boring as f--k. What has been so rewarding is hunting for cards, and especially trading. I've "met" a lot of great, like-minded people and both received a bunch of great Darryl Strawberry and John Kruk cards, and, as well, I've been able to send many cards out to collectors. Sending cards out to you all has been very rewarding. Even dabbled in trading beer!

While I've enjoyed collecting cards that are brand new and that I even probably used to have, and occasionally buying a complete set, I've been slow to realize that my real passion leans to one particular set. And yet in that weird opposite way, I've been very resistant to it. But in talking to 38 different psychiatrists in the last week, the unanimous consensus was that Strawberry and Kruk are out, and as of today I'd like to announce the focus of this blog is my old nemesis and current Carte D'amour is 1995 Fleer.

1995 Fleer Every Night

So, welcome to 1995 Fleer Every Night! This is just a first post. Over the next 600+ days I'll be reviewing one card a night as we celebrate this amazing set that hasn't date one bit since it was released.

But, before that, let's get a little sneak preview! The first card I'd like to highlight is the 1995 Fleer Darryl Strawberry.

What a beautiful, uncomplicated card. Classic high leg kick (is this now looked down upon?). That MLB logo patch on the right sleeve is fantastic. Does this count as one card or, um, 14 or so (I don't know as I kind of lost count of how many background images there are).

Nice Alou card from Les Montreal Expos. Another simple design. though the background image reminds me a bit of the Terminator with some of his skin missing.

Classic Dave Gallagher here from the Atlanta Braves at the outset of the NL East dynasty.  This is the view of Gallagher from the eyes of a snake, picking up infrared heat waves. The orange means his hitting was at the time quiet warm, but not hot.

I was going to try to find Rickey's personal details on the back of the card where they usually were to be found but, what a silly person I am!

Just when I was getting used to Rickey's stats, I get John Jaha, whose stats are a little more prominent. I guess because he wasn't a quasi-shrimp like Rickey. Rickey doesn't like anyone that isn't Rickey. Oh Rickey you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey Rickie. Hey Rickey.

Above and below are 1995 Fleer Pro-Vision's of Greg Maddux and Manny Ramirez. Greg was known commonly as the "Venus on the Half Shell" and Fleer used a Ouija board to get in touch with Botticelli to design and paint this card. Whenever I think of the fine, fair "Venus on the half shell" I sign "Turtle Power" by Partners in Kryme whose lyric "Heroes on the half shell" is memorable.

What can you say about Manny here with his tornado bat with a hail of baseballs, with Hobbiton in the background. Look out for Munchkins! Oh, I'm mixing my movies again.

Now, I had no idea Greg Swindell was a Houston Astros until I saw this card. So, 1995 Fleer is educational as well as provocatively designed. He thought he was being sneaky, but I can totally see what pitch is coming and now I'm ready for it.

Eric Young of the Colorado Rockies. Hey, this kind of looks like the Darryl Strawberry card. Man, I feel cheated. You know what, screw this.

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  1. Yeah they used a different design for each division.

    That said... I have a few.. Want them?? :P

    1. Mike! I didn't realized they had a different design for each division. Thank you for dropping that knowledge of me. As for your offer. Hell no (respectfully). What is today?

    2. My birthday! lol

      I know.. Hence the tongue-sticking out at the end of it.. lol
      I have a better chance of winning the lottery than finding someone who actually likes those cards (I don't like them but I will take what fits my collections lol)

    3. Mike! I didn't realize that's what that was, the tongue-sticking out. Happy Birthday!!!!

    4. Thanks! lol
      Yep.. :P (eyes and a tongue)

  2. I hated this set so much! I do look forward to seeing the images again. If I have a seizure, I'm make sure to have Miss Crystal send you my medical bills!

    1. Hey Kin - I hate this set so much, too. Which is why I decided to do a blog dedicated to it for April Fools' Day. I'll go back to regular, non-1995 Fleer posts shortly.

    2. HAHA! Didn't even catch that it was an April Fool's joke. I wouldn't hate seeing the cards, though. Makes me appreciate other ones that much more.