Friday, April 28, 2017

All Darryl Strawberry Most of the Time

I made a one card trade with Oscar of All Trade Bait, All The Time recently, sending him a Rickey Henderson insert card from the 2016 Topps set. I was happy to send it to him.

In return, I got this sweet 1995 Select Darryl Strawberry card representing the Straw man as a San Francisco Giants outfielder.

I really like the card number on the back inside the home plate. And I like that they highlighted a good thing too, on the back, kind of acknowledging a nine winning streak that he may (or may not) have had much to do with. As a Dodgers fan, I imagine it wasn't too difficult for Oscar to part with this card...

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So weird to see him In a SF uni.

    1. I know. But I like it a lot more than him as a Yankees. Or even a Dodgers (no offense, Oscar). In a way it's like Dale Murphy as NOT a Braves. Doesn't compute. Word.

    2. Definitely think of Strawberry as a Met first... Dodger second... and a Yankee third. The Giants don't even pop up on my radar.

  2. Glad you like the card, Peter. As you said, not difficult at all for me to pass that card on. When I did have it, I always thought the Straw's forlorn - "What am I doing here?"- look was what he carried every day as a Giant.