Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day 10: 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Continuing along with Tony's 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge, today for me is Day 10 and the topic is "One of your favorite cards from the 1960s".

This was a really tough one. I have not many to choose from but I decided to go with the card for the guy that was so ridiculously dominant for the 1960s but whose career was stopped far, far too short. And that guy is the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax.

I do not know what the back story is to my getting his 1961 Topps card, and this image isn't of my actual card, but I know it's one of the ones I cherished when I got it. Looking at his stats, it seems the 1961 season was the last where he might be considered a decent pitcher. Because what he did from 1962 to 1966 is astonishing.

Koufax is mentioned a lot these days because of that guy Clayton Kershaw, so I like thinking about this particular card whenever I see Kershaw pitch or hear about another of his dominating performances. When I was in Pittsburgh last year, Kershaw walked right passed me and it was very cool to be completely ignored by him.

I have a other 1961 Topps cards which can only lead me to conclude that my younger self found something it the set and/or the players worth obtaining. I'm also sure back in the day I had more than what I kept. Those lucky saved cards are Brooks Robinson, Ed Mathews, Billy Williams, Warren Spahn, Al Kaline, and Duke Snider.

Thanks for doing this, Tony.

And, thanks for stopping by.


  1. I'm sure if you mentioned your blog to Kershaw he would have came over.

    1. I tell you something, I certainly wouldn't have made a voodoo doll of him after the game and stuck pins in his back if he had come over. That's for darn sure.