Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Card's Journey

Actually, the journey really isn't all that spectacular. Probably hopped a plane from Jason Carter's mail distribution center to mine in Massachusetts. Like, whoop-di-do, right? But actually, the cards are great, so I am grateful for their journey.

Jason blogs at The Writer's Journey about a myriad of subjects from our beloved baseball cards (with a concentration on the Cincinnati Reds), to movies, music, and books and more. He warned me back in December that cards were coming and boy were they worth wait.

The first up is the 1989 Fleer Wax Box logo card for the Mets, card #C-1, which served as the checklist for the series:

The color on the card is great -- and this is an all-time classic logo in my opinion. 

The other card in the package as you might imagine was Darryl Strawberry, card number C-25. 

Had NO idea at all this card existed -- I mean, I might have seen it on the Trading Card Database, or even on COMC or an eBay auction but it never registered with me. But, this is a super card and I'm very glad to own it.

Being a right handed person and one who wears his glove on his left hand, it still looks backwards to me sometimes to see a glove on the right hand. Am I along it that? I'm not anti-lefty or anything so don't go there.

Thank you Jason!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wax box bottoms are awesome! Looks like he did a pretty good job of cutting Strawberry out.