Saturday, April 22, 2017

Was Darryl Strawberry an Angel? Part the Second

The second set of Darryl Strawberry cards that I received recently in a trade from Tom of The Angels, in Order are presented in this blog post.

The first are from 1989 with a Score and a Topps card. Classic right leg lift to launch a ball in the former and a more casual shot in the latter.

Looks like, to me, that 1990 Donruss above and 1990 Fleer below are using photographs from the same game? I miss actual stirrups.

If Darryl Strawberry, above, where in the Hobbit series, he'd be Logoless.   Ladies and Gentlemen, I'll be here all week.

The Dodgers years, aka, we've all been in dark places...

Looking kind of stiff there, Darryl in the below 1993 Donruss card. Now the card back is really cool as it looks like it captured the moment of contact.

Tom really hooked me up with a bunch of great cards. Thanks Tom!

Thanks, again, for stopping by!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Tom. They were wonderful additions to my PC's.

  2. That 1990 Fleer League Leaders Is a beautiful card!That was my childhood right there.I remember when Fleer would release those boxed sets of 40 or so cards.