Friday, April 14, 2017

Was John Kruk an Angel?

Well, I'm not sure really if John Kruk was an Angel. In order to determine that, let's look at some cards, in order of their release, recently sent to me from the awesome Tom from Angels in Order. I had sent Tom some cards, and in return, 14 John Kruk's and 22 Darryl Strawberry's whisked their way to my greedy mailbox. The Strawberry's will be the subject of two blog posts in the future!

That cover boy face!

Below, once Kruk was a Phillies, he brought sexy back to the city of brotherly loathing.

Should've been the ace of spades....

Kruk grew a mullet that was beyond beautiful. I don't have any problem saying that, either. All these images are great, but he's just not as dirty as I want him to be.

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