Saturday, May 13, 2017

Collecting Cutch Contest: Top 10 Darryl Strawberry Cards

So Collecting Cutch is running a contest and I figure I should enter because of how excruciatingly narrow my collecting interest is: Darryl Strawberry!  I suppose I could do a Kruk one, but I have relatively so few cards of him that it just doesn't seem right because I'm sure I'm missing a lot of great ones.

Anyway. The Countdown....

10. 1995 Score Gold Rush #209: I had to choose this one for the outrageous poutiness of Strawberry. A great card, but also one of the worst.

9. 1988 Topps Big #253: I loved Topps Big when it came out and the post-swing shot & head-shot are really classic.

8. 1986 Donruss #197: A very nice photograph here of Strawberry on a Donruss card that is dated, but dates well.

7. 1988 Sportflics #155: Sportflics in and of itself was cool, just a bigger, rectangular version of 7-11 coins.  But the card back on this one won me over.

6. 2005 SP Legendary Cuts Glory Days Material: This was a gift from Bob Walk the Plank and what a sweet one it was. The three-colors are magnificent (I include white in the color count as it's there & matters).

5. 1988 Grenada stamp: Never knew this existed before I got back into card collecting, but it's such a weird, interesting "card".

4. 1983 Topps Traded #108T: This one started it all, but is only 4th place!

3. 2012 Topps Archives #129: Normally NOT keen on players being featured on cards for years in which they didn't play, but this one is beautiful, clean, crisp. Fantastic.

2.1988 Fleer Headlinders #4: Even back in 1988 this card was a favorite and it remains so to this day. I love the newspaper page in the background.

1. 1987 Topps #460: Duh. No brainer.

Thanks, Collecting Cutch for running this contest. If I collected a playing player it would be Cutch. All the entries have been really great to see and read, it's a great idea.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Strawberry's card was in my first-ever pack of 1987 Topps. I'd know that card anywhere.

  2. Thanks so much for entering. Growing up in NJ I got to see a lot of Strawberry when he was with the Mets. The guy was one of the most talented all around athletes I ever saw. Awesome list. I love the poutiness card to kick it off.

  3. He was probably pouting for being a Giant lol

    I'm looking for a card or two for you.. If I find them, I'd be surprised, to be honest..

  4. Glad to see another collector out there who appreciates Topps Big sets. My favorite Strawberry would have to be the 1983 Topps Traded. Great looking card.