Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Strawberry & Kruk Cards, Pins, and a Coin

Tony at Off Hiatus sent me a packet in the mail. He told me about it in advance which was good because at my age, surprises can lead to heart issues. I recall a while back he have driven to Tennessee and back for a card show and he mentioned getting me a few Strawberry baseball cards there (is that right, Tony?). Well, they were in there along with two pins and a coin.

So I decided I would write a rhyming poem in couplets: one couplet per item. The year, issue and number are the titles.

First up, the John Kruk:

1988 Topps Coins, #45
Kruk's face in the dish of the coin
Gets me right in the groin


And so then we'll move on to Darryl Strawberry.

1984 Fun Foods Pin #8

Strawberry on a pin?
Steinberg for the win!!

1988 Topps Mini, Card #63

So cute, so small, so mini.
Like Pesci in My Cousin Vinny.

1988 Fleer, Card #632 (Super Star Sluggers with Will Clark)

Strawman and the Thrill
They're both now over the hill.

1989 Topps Big, Card #139

Commemorates his monster homer
Hit in the Montreal Domer  (uh...)

1992 Fleer The Lumber Co., Card #3

A viscous looking right leg kick;
Bet that ball got out quick.

1992 Fleet Team Leaders, Card #16

The Dodgers fast-tracked his demise
Leaving fans baffled and full of sad sighs.

2013 Topps Archives - 1969 4-in-1 Sticker #69S-BPDS Don Baylor / Dave Parker / Eric Davis / Darryl Strawberry

Parker, Davis, Strawberry & Baylor
One of 'ems got a backside like a trailer.

2013 Topps Archives - 1969 4-in-1 Sticker #69S-SWGJ Darryl Strawberry / Mookie Wilson / Dwight Gooden / Howard Johnson

4 Classic Mets in a '69 design
Recalling glory of '86 -- oh so fine.

In all
It was a great haul.

Thanks Tony! These are all very welcome and appreciated. Fun/funny thing about the Fun Foods is that I had my eye on getting this pin this summer. But you've spared me! Topps Archives really, really went all out on those 2013 card backs, huh!? Thank you so much.

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PS: Frankly it seemed like a good idea at the time to try writing little poem couplets... I should not have written this point sober.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Darryl Strawberry 1991 Topps Traded Tiffany

Well, look at Mr. Darryl "All Smiles" Strawberry in his 1991 Topps Traded Tiffany card.

This is the last of my Topps Tiffany's that I got in the early spring that I've been milking in posts recently!

Mixing business: Thanks to everyone who signed up for the break. All the cards have been mailed and I hope are in your respective mailboxes by now, or very soon!

A question: Do you think the MLB Network is responsible for the cutbacks in ESPN's Baseball Tonight? In addition to the lay-offs in late April, the once daily program has been cut back to just the Sunday evening show (which is often rudely interrupted by whatever dumbass sport can't finish in time) and M-F podcast.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fruit, The Break, & Darryl Strawberry 1991 Topps Tiffany

Today was my annual strawberry picking excursion and as a result, or as you might imagine, I thought of Mr Darryl Strawberry.

And it might possibly be that my childhood love of this delicious fruit was responsible for my being such a big fan of the player? I might have very well liked Walter Apple, Mitch Peach, or Amos Cantaloupe, had there been such players...

Also: regarding the break that so many of you participated in (Thank you!)... got most of the cards all packaged up.

Now, for the real part of this post:

Darryl Strawberry's last regular season issue as a member of the New York Mets, that's what this 1990 Topps Tiffany card shows. First all, this was the first time Topps featured the players position on the front of the card since 1986 and I for one missed it even though I didn't realize it at the time.

As usual the Tiffany issue is amaze-balls. And I quite like the 40th anniversary design very much. The player's name is a bit hard to read because of the lines/detailing at the bottom of the card, and represented the first time this kind of feature was on the card; the previous years all seemed to have the players name either framed in some kind of box-like shape or just on the card itself. I went back to 1970 and saw nothing like this for the names.

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Topps 2017 Series 2 Break: The Results

So I ripped and pulled and handled gently all the cards that were in my hobby box. I bought one that came with a special silver pack of four cards...maybe this means something to you but it meant little to me. But for Red Sox, Cardinals, Astros, and Padres collectors... you win!

Here are the total number of cards for each team. Aside from these photos, I won't "spoil" the cards by revealing anything about them. However, the big winner of a relic was Nick for his claiming of the San Francisco Giants. Sorry for the glare...

National League
Atlanta Braves: Dub Mentality: 10 cards
Miami Marlins: Mark (Chronicles of Fuji): 11 cards
New York Mets: J Wilden (A Pack to be Named Later): 13 cards
Philadelphia Phillies: Paul E (Phungo): 11 cards
Washington Nationals: Peter S (Baseball Every Night): 13 cards

Chicago Cubs: Tom O (Til Next Year): 14 cards
Cincinnati Reds: Chris R (Nachos Grande): 10 cards
Milwaukee Brewers: Tony L (Off Hiatus): 14 cards
Pittsburgh Pirates: Matt S (Bob Walk the Plank): 9 cards
St. Louis Cardinals: Kerry B (Cards on Cards): 14 cards

Arizona Diamondbacks: David L: 13 cards
Colorado Rockies: Adam K (Infield Fly Rule): 13 cards
Los Angeles Dodgers: Greg G (Night Owl): 18 Cards
San Diego Padres: Marcus (Padres Prospectus): 12 cards
San Francisco Giants: Nick (NJWV): 11 cards

American League
Baltimore Orioles: Ryan H ("O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog): 13 cards
Boston Red Sox: Mark H: 13 cards
New York Yankees: AJ (Lost Collector): 14 cards
Tampa Bay Rays: Tim B (I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning): 6 cards
Toronto Blue Jays: Mike M (Not Another Baseball Card Blog): 9 cards

Chicago White Sox: Jeff W (2 by 3 Heroes): 10 cards
Cleveland Indians: Adam S (Cardboard Clubhouse): 11 cards
Detroit Tigers: RobbyT (Detroit Tigers Cards and Stuff): 11 cards
Kansas City Royals: Josh D (Royals and Randoms): 11 cards
Minnesota Twins: JunkWaxTwins (Vintage Twins): 13 cards

Houston Astros: Marc B (Remember the Astrodome): 9 cards
Los Angeles Angels: Tom T (Angels In Order): 14 cards
Oakland Athletics: Mark (Chronicles of Fuji): 17 cards
Seattle Mariners: Tom O (Til Next Year): 11 cards
Texas Rangers: Kin K (Beans Ball Card Blog): 15 cards

Because of other obligations it'll take me a few days to package everything up but I hope to have everything out by Tuesday or Wednesday, at the latest.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Baseball cards and Cheese? Yes, please

Hi! In April I ran a contest that saw some wonderful entries asking baseball card collectors to show their favorite card of the favorite player. I randomized the list a number of times and after the golden number was reached, the winner ended up being Tony from Wrigley Roster Jenga for his entry of a Ron Santo card.

A planned vacation interfered with me being more timely with the prize, but eventually Tony got it: a homemade cheese board with the actual baseball card in it.

Tony gave me too much credit for it as I didn't make it. However, I had it made! I'm just the ideas-guy... I got a copy of the card, sent it to this place called Treasures of the Vine in New Jersey. Treasures is run by my wife's aunt and uncle, I need to disclose, and based on their product, making cheeseboards of melted-down wine bottles, I thought to myself that these would look awesome with baseball cards on them.

They remove the labels from the wine bottles, melt them down, and reattach the labels. You had a really solid sturdy glass base for the cheese that can withstand knives, washing and the like. Baseball cards are challenging as the cardboard is thicker than the wine label paper, but the end result is still something that looks good on your coffee table, bar, or even hanging on the wall.

I sent a few cards to them in March as this idea was materializing and I was happy with the results. You bet your bottom dollar I sent a Darryl Strawberry card -- and a couple of others.

Initially they scanned the card, printed it and affixed it, but I said that a lot of the allure, to my mind, was the card back. So they tried two methods for Tony's prize: 1. scanning both sides and printing it out, and 2. using the original. The original sticks out of the back quite a bit, much more than the scanned/printed method. So washing it would have to be done carefully to not get the card wet.

Please contact Treasures of the Vine if you're interested in having one made of a card for yourself or a friend.

Congrats again to Tony at Wrigley Roster Jenga. Thank you all for contributing posts to the contest!

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Monday, June 12, 2017

2017 Topps Series 2 Break Sign-up



Ok. So I'm going to buy a hobby box of 2017 Topps Series 2 baseball cards. I'm doing this not intended to build a set at all, but to distribute as many cards as possible to team/set/player collectors.

All cards, inserts, hits, relics, autos, etc. will go to the person that signs up for that team. Sign up for two teams if you want, but please in your comment list specifically your first choice followed by second etc. I'd ask only that you pay $3 per team for shipping. We can work out the finer points later.

Once you comment, I'll revise this list to reflect the team of your choice. First come, first served, however, based on some conversations, I've already filled in a few. Anything left over (not signed up for) will be listed on a separate page on the blog as up for grabs/trade bait.

If you know of any team collector's out there, please forward this on...

National League
Atlanta Braves: Dub Mentality
Miami Marlins: Mark (Chronicles of Fuji)
New York Mets: J Wilden (A Pack to be Named Later)
Philadelphia Phillies: Paul E (Phungo)
Washington Nationals: Peter S (Baseball Every Night)

Chicago Cubs: Tom O (Til Next Year)
Cincinnati Reds: Chris R (Nachos Grande)
Milwaukee Brewers: Tony L (Off Hiatus)
Pittsburgh Pirates: Matt S (Bob Walk the Plank)
St. Louis Cardinals: Kerry B (Cards on Cards)

Arizona Diamondbacks: David L
Colorado Rockies: Adam K (Infield Fly Rule)
Los Angeles Dodgers: Greg G (Night Owl)
San Diego Padres: Marcus (Padres Prospectus)
San Francisco Giants: Nick (NJWV)

American League
Baltimore Orioles: Ryan H ("O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog)
Boston Red Sox: Mark H
New York Yankees: AJ (Lost Collector)
Tampa Bay Rays: Tim B (I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning)
Toronto Blue Jays: Mike M (Not Another Baseball Card Blog)

Chicago White Sox: Jeff W (2 by 3 Heroes)
Cleveland Indians: Adam S (Cardboard Clubhouse)
Detroit Tigers: RobbyT (Detroit Tigers Cards and Stuff)
Kansas City Royals: Josh D (Royals and Randoms)
Minnesota Twins: JunkWaxTwins (Vintage Twins)

Houston Astros: Marc B (Remember the Astrodome)
Los Angeles Angels: Tom T (Angels In Order)
Oakland Athletics: Mark (Chronicles of Fuji)
Seattle Mariners: Tom O (Til Next Year)
Texas Rangers: Kin K (Beans Ball Card Blog)

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Darryl Strawberry 1990 Topps Tiffany

1990 Topps Tiffany! Darryl Strawberry. Enough said. This was for all intents and purposes the last year I think I collected baseball cards before I picked up the hobby again two summers ago. As such this card is the last of the really familiar issues of Strawberry and in general, the design. I remember being underwhelmed by it.  But, getting this Tiffany card again proves how awesome and eye poppingly gorgeous baseball cards can be even with a (still) less than awesome design.

Am I alone in my feelings on 1990 Topps?

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

2017 Topps Archives & Heritage for the taking


I bought two packs each of Topps Archives and Topps Heritage from my local card shop to see what they were like and also try to get someone or some people to take them off me, as I honestly just wanted something to open. Is $5 a pack excessive for these releases? I felt like that, so when he gave me a stack of seventeen 2016 Topps Archives cards it kind of softened the blow... Anyway, see something you want: please comment or email and do tell a friend! Please!

So, here are the cards by: team, player, set and number...

American League
Baltimore Orioles
Michael Bourn, Heritage #351

Boston Red Sox
Mookie Betts, Heritage, New Age Performers (NAP) #3
Sandy Leon, Heritage #354

Chicago White Sox
Melky Cabrera, Archives, #17

Cleveland Indians
Corey Kluber, Heritage #380

Detroit Tigers
Tyler Collins, Heritage, #360

Kansas City Royals
Mike Moustakas, Heritage #387
Bo Jackson, Archives, #52 TRADED
Kelvin Herrera, Archives, #239

Minnesota Twins
James Beresford & Alex Wimmers, Heritage, #179
Kennys Vargas, Heritage, # 304

New York Yankees
Matt Holloday, Heritage, #330 TRADED
Phil Rizzuto, Archives, #139

Oakland A's
Ryon Healy, Archives, #63

Seattle Mariners
Leonys Martin, Heritage, #82
Felix Hernandez, Archives, #202

Tampa Bay Rays
Eddie Gamboa & Juniel Querecuto, Heritage #127

Texas Rangers
Yu Darvish, Archives, #36

Toronto Blue Jays
Jose Bautista, Archives, #147 TRADED

2016 RBI Leaders: Edwin Encarnacion, David Ortiz, Albert Pujols, Heritage #4 TRADED
News Flashbacks 1968 Point, Click...Compute, Heritage, #NF-14

National League
Atlanta Braves
R. A. Dickey, Heritage, #92 TRADED

Cincinnati Reds
Sparky Anderson, Archives, #191

Colorado Rockies
Charlie Blackmon, Archives, # 281

Los Angeles Dodgers
Sandy Koufax, Archives, #175 TRADED

Milwaukee Brewers
Keon Broxton, Heritage, #22

New York Mets
Noah Syndergaard, Archives, #64 TRADED

Philadelphia Phillies
Odubel Herrera, Heritage, #247
Jorge Alfaro, Archives, #13
Roman Quinn, Archives, #154

St Louis Cardinals
Tyler Lyons, Heritage #285
Matt Carpenter, Archives, #222 TRADED
Seung-Hwan Oh, Archives, #214 TRADED

San Diego Padres
Christian Bethancourt, Heritage, #99

As I mentioned above, there are 17 cards from the 2016 Topps Archives set. These are also up for grabs:

Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers, #204 TRADED
Hoyt Wilhelm, San Francisco Giants, #206
Matt Harvey, New York Mets, #208
Kevin Kiermaier, Tampa Bay Rays, #211
Gaylord Perry, Cleveland Indians, #212 TRADED
John Franco, New York Mets, #218 TRADED
Matt Kemp, San Diego Padres, #222
Hunter Pence, San Francisco Giants, #224
David Peralta, Arizona Diamonbacks, #232 TRADED
Lou Boudreau, Cleveland Indians, #235
Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati Reds, #255
Dallas Keuchel, Houston Astros, #260
Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado Rockies, #267 TRADED
Lucas Duda, New York Mets, #278 TRADED
Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers, #287
Anthony Rendon, Washington Nationals, #290
Hector Rendon, Chicago Cubs, #299

Thanks for stopping by! Especially if you take my cards!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Darryl Strawberry 1989 Topps Tiffany

Continuing on the adventure of adding the gorgeous Topps Tiffany cards to my Darryl Strawberry collection, here we have his two 1989 Topps cards: base and All-Star.

I really like the base card. I like the design as well as the specific photograph they used of Strawberry. On the flip side, I've always been kind of blah, meh, whatevs about the All-Star cards for this set. However, that being said, it's leaps and bounds better than the talking-heads-esque design for the 1988 All-Star cards, which reminds me of a jack-in-the-box. Or something.

On the whole though these Tiffany cards really have held up well through the years and are an absolute joy to have and to hold. I've actually never checked to see if John Kruk, my other interest, has a Topps Tiffany card. I'm sure he does, but it just seems kind of insulting to how dirty and scruffy he is often portrayed as in his cards.

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