Thursday, June 15, 2017

Baseball cards and Cheese? Yes, please

Hi! In April I ran a contest that saw some wonderful entries asking baseball card collectors to show their favorite card of the favorite player. I randomized the list a number of times and after the golden number was reached, the winner ended up being Tony from Wrigley Roster Jenga for his entry of a Ron Santo card.

A planned vacation interfered with me being more timely with the prize, but eventually Tony got it: a homemade cheese board with the actual baseball card in it.

Tony gave me too much credit for it as I didn't make it. However, I had it made! I'm just the ideas-guy... I got a copy of the card, sent it to this place called Treasures of the Vine in New Jersey. Treasures is run by my wife's aunt and uncle, I need to disclose, and based on their product, making cheeseboards of melted-down wine bottles, I thought to myself that these would look awesome with baseball cards on them.

They remove the labels from the wine bottles, melt them down, and reattach the labels. You had a really solid sturdy glass base for the cheese that can withstand knives, washing and the like. Baseball cards are challenging as the cardboard is thicker than the wine label paper, but the end result is still something that looks good on your coffee table, bar, or even hanging on the wall.

I sent a few cards to them in March as this idea was materializing and I was happy with the results. You bet your bottom dollar I sent a Darryl Strawberry card -- and a couple of others.

Initially they scanned the card, printed it and affixed it, but I said that a lot of the allure, to my mind, was the card back. So they tried two methods for Tony's prize: 1. scanning both sides and printing it out, and 2. using the original. The original sticks out of the back quite a bit, much more than the scanned/printed method. So washing it would have to be done carefully to not get the card wet.

Please contact Treasures of the Vine if you're interested in having one made of a card for yourself or a friend.

Congrats again to Tony at Wrigley Roster Jenga. Thank you all for contributing posts to the contest!

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  1. These are excellent! Very cool idea.

  2. Pretty awesome! I still can't get over the the cheese knife. :-)

  3. Very cool idea. That place in NJ is just off the road from a house I grew up in. Small world afterall