Saturday, June 17, 2017

Topps 2017 Series 2 Break: The Results

So I ripped and pulled and handled gently all the cards that were in my hobby box. I bought one that came with a special silver pack of four cards...maybe this means something to you but it meant little to me. But for Red Sox, Cardinals, Astros, and Padres collectors... you win!

Here are the total number of cards for each team. Aside from these photos, I won't "spoil" the cards by revealing anything about them. However, the big winner of a relic was Nick for his claiming of the San Francisco Giants. Sorry for the glare...

National League
Atlanta Braves: Dub Mentality: 10 cards
Miami Marlins: Mark (Chronicles of Fuji): 11 cards
New York Mets: J Wilden (A Pack to be Named Later): 13 cards
Philadelphia Phillies: Paul E (Phungo): 11 cards
Washington Nationals: Peter S (Baseball Every Night): 13 cards

Chicago Cubs: Tom O (Til Next Year): 14 cards
Cincinnati Reds: Chris R (Nachos Grande): 10 cards
Milwaukee Brewers: Tony L (Off Hiatus): 14 cards
Pittsburgh Pirates: Matt S (Bob Walk the Plank): 9 cards
St. Louis Cardinals: Kerry B (Cards on Cards): 14 cards

Arizona Diamondbacks: David L: 13 cards
Colorado Rockies: Adam K (Infield Fly Rule): 13 cards
Los Angeles Dodgers: Greg G (Night Owl): 18 Cards
San Diego Padres: Marcus (Padres Prospectus): 12 cards
San Francisco Giants: Nick (NJWV): 11 cards

American League
Baltimore Orioles: Ryan H ("O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog): 13 cards
Boston Red Sox: Mark H: 13 cards
New York Yankees: AJ (Lost Collector): 14 cards
Tampa Bay Rays: Tim B (I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning): 6 cards
Toronto Blue Jays: Mike M (Not Another Baseball Card Blog): 9 cards

Chicago White Sox: Jeff W (2 by 3 Heroes): 10 cards
Cleveland Indians: Adam S (Cardboard Clubhouse): 11 cards
Detroit Tigers: RobbyT (Detroit Tigers Cards and Stuff): 11 cards
Kansas City Royals: Josh D (Royals and Randoms): 11 cards
Minnesota Twins: JunkWaxTwins (Vintage Twins): 13 cards

Houston Astros: Marc B (Remember the Astrodome): 9 cards
Los Angeles Angels: Tom T (Angels In Order): 14 cards
Oakland Athletics: Mark (Chronicles of Fuji): 17 cards
Seattle Mariners: Tom O (Til Next Year): 11 cards
Texas Rangers: Kin K (Beans Ball Card Blog): 15 cards

Because of other obligations it'll take me a few days to package everything up but I hope to have everything out by Tuesday or Wednesday, at the latest.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for hosting the break Peter. I like your idea of not spoiling anything. Looking forward to seeing what Indians cards I got.

    1. Well, the Fightin' Francona's should be on their way to your mailbox tomorrow. It was sincerely my pleasure to host. I'm so happy people signed up and hope everyone's pleased with their stash.

  2. 18 cards! Holy heck I'm glad I entered this. I can't be tracking down 18 cards in Series 2. Thanks for hosting!

    1. Yeah, you made out big time. Base cards and various inserts. Hope they get to you fast and that you like 'em a lot.

  3. Thanks for hosting this group break!

  4. Awesome! Bet it was fun ripping all those packs. Thanks again.

  5. Yes, thanks for doing the break Peter! I hope you found a couple of cool Nationals in your stack!

    1. Thanks. I was really just taking the Nats to give to my nephews. I was lucky to pull a Michael A Taylor for my sister, too. He's her fav.

  6. Nice! I don't know what this mysterious silver pack is either, but I'm excited.

  7. you were great to host this fun break! I'm sorry I missed out on the opportunity. By the time I got to a computer, the Tigers were claimed.