Tuesday, July 11, 2017

1986 All-Star Program Insert "Cards"

With the All-Star game on tonight, I thought I should post this post which features the 1986 All-Star Game program insert "cards". I bought it, obvs, for the Darryl Strawberry "card" but I got so so so much more. There are more than 200 players featured from each as it shows the image of everyone on the ballet. The "cards" themselves are quite small and many of them are back-to-back, so on the back of Darryl Strawberry is the Montreal Expos catcher Mike Fitzgerald.

The game was hosted by the Houston Astros and featured a Home Run Derby in which Darryl Strawberry co-won with Wally Joyner of the then California Angels of the Pacific Time Zone. The two sluggers belted out a whopping four home runs each.

The set was wholly missing from the Trading Card Database, so I added a checklist, scanned everything, cropped a gazillions images and then uploaded the front's only. The program is still intact, but I'm thinking of trimming all the "cards" down. What do you think? Would it matter to you whether the back was part of an article or advert or another player? Is such a think looked down upon? I ask as in the book and archive world, which is the other realm I inhabit, old books are often "bowlderized" for their plates of images (engravings and the like) and maps which are then sold individually on the open market, often times for a lot of money. 

Here are the player pages: American League Nominees

The National League:

Let's go National League!!

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  1. Very cool. Might need to track this one down for my Gwynn PC. But these sheets also have some nice rookies: Will Clark, Jose Canseco, and Wally Joyner.

  2. It figures a Cub would blow it for the NL.