Monday, July 24, 2017

Darryl Strawberry: Owl Night Long (Owl Night)

Night Owl Cards, like P-Town Tom, sent a few cards my way as thanks for the Topps Series 2 box break. And, like P-Town Tom this kindness was uncalled for but much, much, much appreciated.

The title of this post, Owl Night Long (Owl Night) comes, of course, from Lionel Richie's "All Night Long (All Night)".

My wife and I were on a plane with Mr Richie in May when we were on the way to New Zealand. He sat behind us from Boston to LA but we left him alone unlike most of the other people. He had been in Boston receiving an honorary degree.

The three cards were all absent from my collection are each so so cool.

First up is the 1992 Score 100 Superstars card.

Next up is the very bizarre 1992 Topps Kids card of Strawberry's head on top of a really beefed up Barry Bonds, I mean cartoon body.

Last up, but not least, is the 1993 Upper Deck Team Stars card featuring childhood buddies Strawberry and Eric Davis. In theory this was a dynamic duo, but just about four or five years too late.

Night Owl hit a massive home run!

Thanks for stopping by!

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