Sunday, July 30, 2017

Kruk & Strawberry from Nick

Today some great guys were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. And, as well, so many of you seem to have been at the National this weekend... I wasn't. So here's a blog post about two recent cards I got of the two guys I collect...

I "met" Nick V (twitter) from my Topps 2017 Series 2 group box break and I'm sure glad I did. He signed up for the San Francisco Giants and ended up being the "big" winner of the relic card. Nick sent me two cards as thanks, a 1993 Hostess John Kruk odd ball card and a 1991 Topps Micro All-Star Darryl Strawberry card, too. I've gotten now several cards as thanks for the break. It's so nice and over the top. I'm really very grateful. So now I'll show off the cards:

First the Kruk:

And then the Strawberry:

I particularly love this little micro card. I scanned it at 600dpi to give it some help in looking respectably big.

Thanks Nick!

Thanks for stopping by.

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