Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Darryl Strawberry eBay Oddball Order, Part 1

Recently decided I needed some oddball cards in my life and found a seller on eBay (bamcards) who had a ton of them. I bought 12 off him for a hair over $24 which was roughly $2 per card. $4.95 shipping, too. Seemed worth it and, well, I wanted them... I had intended on concentrating on cards from the New York Mets years, but I did veer a bit into the Dodgers and one Giants card...

The 1984 card and sticker puts a mini-dent into my endeavor to have all of his 1984 cards. I'm nearly there, though the TCMA Tidewater card will have to wait for a really special occasion or something.

 1984 All Star Game Program Insert, Card #69

This All Star game "Card" is really tiny, though still gargantuan compared to 1991 Topps Micro.

1984 O-Pee-Chee sticker, Card #385

1986 All Star Game Program Insert, Card

The 1986 All Star program insert wasn't listed in the Trading Card Database so I went and bought a copy off of eBay for about $6 with free shipping, scanned all the "cards" and put them into the DB.  There are no "backs" in a sense like the 1984 one show above, but on the back of Strawberry is Mike Fitzgerald, then catcher for the Montreal Expos. They really did not put a lot of effort into the Strawberry card as it's just a cropped version of the 1985 insert.

1987 Stuart, Card #1c

This is shown as card 1c from the 1987 Stuart Bakery set. I guess they were issued in panels of 3? in the tcdb, the other number 1 cards are fellow Mets Gary Carter and Keith Hernandez.

1989 Topps/LJN Baseball Talk, Card #44

I have no idea what LJN Talking Baseball is but I love this card. It's taller than the regular issue and has this weird plastic thing on the back with a centered circle which I guess is a push button? Perhaps at one point this would have "spoken" something? I dig the on card facsimile autograph, too.

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  1. I've seen those LJN cards on other blogs - I think there was a player for them or something. Never seen one myself.

    1. Hey Bo: Tony L from Off Hiatus sent me a link to a You Tube of the "Talking Baseball" series. And they are pretty neat. Here is Strabwerry's and it is part of a playlist of others: