Sunday, September 3, 2017

Bordering on Awesome

Not Another Baseball Card Blog owner Mike and I recently sent some cards back and forth over the border. In return, these two sweet mama-jammies (huh?) came back my way are are now resting in my Strawberry box.

The first card here is the 1990 Bowman. Looks like a classic spring training shot on the front. I've probably said this before a million times but the breakdown of performance by opponent is sweet. They could do this then, before interleague play messed everything up.

The second card was the 2015 Eclipsing History, likely printed at a time when David Wright was still promising. But you have to think due to the injuries he's better off being done? The timing of this card, arriving the Friday or so before the big 21 August eclipse was pretty awesome. I didn't see the spectacle in the sky and I don't need special glasses to look at this card.

As usual: Thanks a million, Mike!

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  1. Whoa, that eclipse card is awesome, and well-timed! I may have to track down something from that set. Never seen it before.