Thursday, September 28, 2017

Darryl Strawberry on Sportlots

Got these two nice Darryl Strawberry cards a while back in a Sportlots order. Look for more from this order coming to the blog in the next weeks! In this order I had taken care of a lot of the 1999 needs in my collection.

This one here is the 1999 Fleer Tradition card #564.

And this one here is the 1999 Topps Chrome card #18. Didn't scan well, sadly, but at least he sticks out.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looks like Fleer (back) and Topps (front) used the same photographer. By the way... Strawberry's 1999 Chrome refractor must be sweet. I hate seeing him in a Yankees uniform, but that's a sweet photograph.

  2. It sure looks like the picture on the front of the Topps Chrome card is the same photo that is on the back of the Fleer Tradition card!