Friday, September 8, 2017

Tom 2017'd Me

P-Town Tom and I did a one for one trade recently. I sent him a 2017 Bunt Karl Schwarber (and it should be noted Tom was much more timely and on the (base)ball about posting his post); and the card I got back was this 2017 Bowman Darryl Strawberry. The first 2017 card of his that I've received. Sweet! It being a shiny refractory like card, the thing turned blue when I scanned it. Or, maybe I'm pregnant?

Tom: Thank you so much!!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Topps' new super-duper short print, numbered insert idea: pregnancy test parallels! Although, that could get messy...

    1. Definitely a way to customize the cards and make them more unique.

  2. Love me a 1-for-1 deal. Yes, as BWTP said, congrats on the baby! LOL