Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trading Cards for Cards

Kerry of the very good blog Cards on Cards took some of my Cardinals cards and in return sent me some cards back. All the trade packages I've ever gotten have been awesome but I have to say this one was particularly so.

Two John Kruk's to start off. First his 1986 Donruss The Rookies card. Clean shaved, young and innocent looking. At first I didn't recognize him at all.

Ah, then we get the 1995 Score Hall of Gold card which shows Kruk looking far more the way I expect him. With all due respect to Philadelphia, doesn't he just so well represent your idea of the city? That's part of the reason I call it Filthadelphia.

Next up, some targeted Darryl Strawberry cards. I say targeted as it really looks as though Kerry viewed my PC page and somehow found from his own stash of cards or acquired them cards that were missing from my collection. Each was brand new to me.

This first here in the 1993 Topps Gold. The gold name plate or whatever it's called is just dazzling.

Then my socks got knocked off by this 2012 Topps Archives 1986 card. It's a beauteous thing and everything about it makes me ridiculously happy.

The 2016 Topps Gold Label cards I quite like a lot and have wanted since they came out. I like the design quite a bit. This one is I believe the base card for Class 1.

Then we get a 2017 Bowman Chrome which is a duplicate of one I just got from P-Town Tom. But, two is better than one (most of the time, certainly not always). But in this case it certainly is.

Kerry, thank you so much!

Thanks for stopping by!

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