Friday, October 6, 2017

Judge for The Judge

When I was growing up I had a built in baseball card collecting network right in my family as I have a twin brother (I'm the pretty one) and my father was also a facilitator, too. So he definitely helped to fuel that passion many of us had and still have for baseball cards. My honorable father was a judge and grew up a big Yankees fan -- in fact I'm the only male on my side of the family that isn't a Yankees fan. So the big apple did fall a bit farther from the tree in some ways.

I was able to take my father to Fenway Park for the first time earlier this year to see the Yankees play the Red Sox. Rick Porcello wasn't too terrible, but he was awful and looked like he was laboring all during the foggy evening's game. It was Aaron Judge's birthday and the Judge both hit a home run and also made a great catch that left him in the first row of the low wall off the right field foul line.

So when Judge tied and broke the rookie record for home runs in a single game, I asked my dad if he wanted the special ToppsNow cards that they would without a doubt offer. Naive fool that I am I thought it would be one card. Well, it was two cards. One for 49 and one for 50. The card for 49 is way better and cooler than for #50. Particularly like the spray chart of his home runs marked by distance. Reminds me a javelin or shot put area in track and field.

The cards printed and shipped way faster than my experience buying a card last year, and actually did so way faster than another ToppsNow card that I bought earlier in September and have yet to feature here. The packaging and shipping is also improved, too, so that makes me feel in general more comfortable with the product. Though I'll remain very selective about buying the cards in the future just because.  So, these cards are featured on the blog but they are going on a little journey to my father.

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  1. Great cards! I like the spray chart on the back.

  2. Very cool of you to hook up your father with these two Judges. I'd be so pumped if my father accepted the offer to buy him cards. He's never really understood my interest.

  3. Nice gift for your Dad. I like the Judge connection too!