Monday, December 11, 2017

5 Darryl Strawberry Cards from Sportlots!

Sportlots is the gift that keeps on giving, it seems. And it's just passed Thanksgiving but I need to express my gratitude again to P-Town Tom for recommending me to that site. Thanks Tom!

Got these five bad boys from AAACards on Sportlots. They are...

1998 Bowman Chrome International, Card #256
1998 Donruss, Card #181
1998 Fleer Tradition, Card #494
1998 Pacific Omega Baseball, Card #171
1999 Stadium Club, Card #7

I already had the Bowman International but I didn't have the Chrome version.

I think I like the photo on the back of the Donruss card better than the front, though I like the angle.

The Fleer card I like quite a lot. The photo of handing a signed ball back to a kid is really wonderful and it's a nice thing to think about baseball players, and other athletics, doing (instead of all the shit things they do). Kind of looks like a big goofball on the back. I like the color-coded teams/years on the back of this card too.

The Pacific Omega was my token "ordered it but I already had it" card of the recent batch. But, two is better than one. What I like about the front of the card is the baseball stitches.

But I was particularly stupid as I already had that awful 1999 Stadium Club card, too. It has got to qualify for one of the worst card photographs of all time -- he looks worse than Willie McGee on a good day. I think in both instances I thought I was getting a parallel but clearly I clicked the wrong buttons. Dope.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Strawberry as a Yankee = Ugh

    Okay... I'll wrap up this comment with something positive. I love that 1998 Bowman Chrome International card. Great action shot of Straw. Now you just need the refractor.

    1. I know what you mean. It's never not jarring.

      A refractor!!! ARGH! How many dang parallels are there?????

    2. Lol. That Bowman Chrome International Refractors are truly a thing of beauty. They were one per box, so are kinda scarce... but not incredibly expensive. COMC has your Strawberry for under $5 right now: