Sunday, December 3, 2017

That Bat's Flawless

When Julie at A Cracked Bat tweeted me about the availability for some Darryl Strawberry and John Kruk cards I was so excited for a trade with her as I know from other bloggers that completely spoils her recipients. The goods arrived on none other than Black Friday which made the day Gold Starred for me.

The two Darryl Strawberry cards, both from the 1990 Kenner Starting Lineup sets, were very welcome additions to my collection. They are numbered #75a and #75b on Trading Card Database. So freaking thrilled to have these in my collection. Thank you, Julie.

There were a slew of John Kruk from his most slothful years with the Philadelphia Phillies and two bonus Darren Daulton (R.I.P) cards. First the Daulton's: 1987 Fleer and 1991 Bowman. Two simple, sweet cards.

Julie sent me 11 John Kruk cards. 11. That's uncalled for kindness. And I ate a plate of nachos and drank a nice beer in honor because that seems to me to be the kind of thing 1990s John Kruk would have done.

First up, some trivia. Did you know that Kruk can mean a couple of different things depending on what country you're from? In Polish, Belarusian, and Ukrainian it means "raven". And in Dutch is can mean "crutch", "handle", or "stool". In American, Kruk means "poetical beauty expressed in the finest, most pure metaphor". For example as appears in this couplet, found in a South Philly public toilet:

"My love for you is like the morning Kruk,
Let's say you and I met to ..."

1991 Topps, Card #689

1992 Fleer, Card #537: Featuring John Kruk and, I believe, the late Darren Daulton.

1992 Stadium Club, Card #209: I believe that's Rafael Belliard on the front, number 2 for the Braves. Agree? On the back is John's kindergarten yearbook photo.

1992 Ultra, Card #246

1993 Stadium Club, Card #30

1994 Flair, Card #415: Love this card beyond expression; particularly the specs he's sporting on the back.

1994 O-Pee-Chee, Card #257

1994 Stadium Club, Card #361

1994 Studio, Card #142: This should really be the face that greets you at all airports in this country. It captures everything about this country that is right and good and true. On the back, Kruk is trying to determine the hypotenuse of the baseball diamond. I have to get a Kruk jersey, I think.

1994 Ultra, Card Card #249: I do love a baseball card photo capturing the hitter dropping the bat and making off for first base (at the time of writing, Kruk is about half way down the line). And the card back has three more photographs making this perhaps the best card ever.

1995 Topps, Card #572: I can't look at the card back of this without thinking it's a horror movie and that's the face looking in my window as I'm undressing.

These were outstanding additions to my collection. Three were dupes, but I don't mind at all having a second card for these as it usually promises that one is superior. And 8 were new to my growing Kruk collection.

Julie hit a grand slam with these cards and I am so completely grateful. It was my first trade with her and I can't wait to return the favor. Thanks so much Julie!

And thanks to you for stopping by.


  1. Julie is one of the best traders out there. The Starting Line Up Strawberry cards are excellent!

    1. I agree. Julie made me all droolie over these cards.

  2. Kenner SLU = some of my favorite oddball issues around
    1992 Fleer Ultra = That's a beautiful action shot of Kruk
    1994 Flair = love this product. i remember that thick card stock and thinking... how fancy.
    1994 OPC = I think this is the first time I've seen this product. I'm gonna need to dig into the binders and see if I have the Maddux, Henderson, or Gwynn

  3. Peter - such a nice, humorous write up! Thanks! I came across those 'Berrys and thought just maybe, you'd need them! Love making folks happy!!