Monday, January 22, 2018


Got this six bad boys the other day. Hopefully they'll be good and be tasty.

Beer is probably less healthy than baseball cards. Like, for example, a paper cut is probably less damaging in the long run than a cut obtained from the aluminum or from glass.

These are:

Moat Mountain Brewing's Flavah of the Day IPA (North Conway, New Hampshire)
Victory Brewing's Mighty Things Imperial IPA (Downington, Pennsylvania)
14th Star Brewings's Tribute Double IPA (St Albans, Vermont)
Collective Arts Brewing's Radio the Mothership Imperial IPA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Backlash Beer Company's Hostile Takeover Double IPA (Roxbury, Massachusetts)
Shipyard Brewing Company's Finder New England IPA (Portland, Maine)

I've never had a Shipyard that I've liked---and had I realized that was the brewer I would have skipped it---so I'm interested to see if I like this. I normally call it Shityard because I'm juvenile.

Never had any of them so we'll see...

Our good friend The Chronicles of Fuji wanted a Darryl Strawberry card as a Mets player to counteract the Yankees cards I've been showing off as recent acquisitions. Bad news... there are a bunch more Yankees cards to come as I've been filling in heinous gaps. But, the good news is that here's a Mets card!

A classic. 1987 Fleer. This is the glossy version and shows Strawberry wearing a lot of clothes, so he's probably in Boston in July. Ha ha ha. Naturally that doesn't work as there wasn't inter league back then.  But this was taken probably during the 1986 season when the Red Sox lost to those Mets in the World Series.

Speaking of inter league play. Maybe I've asked this before: In favor or against it? But even if I have maybe I have new readers now or maybe your opinions have changed?

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  1. Peter... you must be an IPA guy. I tip my cap to you... it took me a while to figure out my "go to" type of beer and IPA is not it. I hope you enjoy!

    1. Hey Tom! I am an IPA guy. Love it. Trying to branch out into other styles. What's your pick?

  2. Interleague was fine when it was a novelty, restricted to a minimal amount of games during the middle of the season. Now it seems like interleague play starts within the first month and goes all season long. No thanks

    1. When Houston moved to the American League the only way to maintain Inter-League play was to have at least one inter-league game/series each day. From game 1 to 162, there's at least one. Which I don't like at all. The novelty's worn off, for me, and I feel like it's more important for teams to play the most amount of games in their own league to help determine who is the best.

    2. I agree with all of that. In fact I liked it when teams only played interleague games in the corresponding division, so about 2/3 of the time the World Series would be two teams who would never meet in the regular season.

  3. Thank you! Finally he's featured in his iconic New York uniform ;)

    As for your question... I like it. Mainly because I enjoy watching the A's play the Giants. However I agree with ketchupman36. Wish they'd limit the number of games played throughout the season.

    1. Hey there! I think I had featured that card before but I like it so much I felt like showing it off again. 1987 was just a good year, I think, for cards. Thanks for your response on inter-league.

  4. I liked the idea of inter-league when it first came out, but it has worn out its welcome. It's not new and exciting anymore.