Monday, January 1, 2018

Secret Santa, Part 2

So after Wes fessed up that he was my Secret Santa in Matt of Bob Walk the Plank's Secret Santa thingy, he told me that something else was coming my way that was sent to him as opposed to me. My mind was wondering. As luck would have it, the package was set to be delivered the day I left for a week's vacation. So my mind wondered even more.

When the packet arrived I knew it was baseball cards but I didn't fathom that it held so many. 101 to be exact (I couldn't five times to make sure that I got it right -- yes, I still count on fingers and toes).

101 of John Kruk's 1988 Donruss card. I scattered a bunch on my new home scanner, an Epson V39. This was the first baseball card scan I made. The one of my tushy came out great... anyone want to see that?

If you're interested in seeing part 1 of Wes's gift, click here!

Thanks Wes!

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    1. Ha ha. I didn't know about this and I'm a better person now for it! Thanks!