Thursday, February 22, 2018

Nick's Pacific Kruk

Nick V recently-ish sent me a 1995 Pacific John Kruk, Card #331. It's written in English and in another language, which I think is Spanish. Of course I'm jokstering, I know it's Spanish. It's Spanish, isn't it?

What I love about this card is just about everything. Bilingualism aside, I love the bottom left of the card front with the Phillies logo on a baseball. And on the back, I like the baseball diamond that's visible, with the outfield. It's great seeing the two languages as well. I don't know Spanish, so I can at least learn a few words here and there to impress myself.

Thanks Nick!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. The best part about bilingual cards is seeing how things are translated. Hits become "imparables," literally "unstoppables," and home runs are "cuadrangulares" or "quadrangles."

  2. colorful Kruk! much like his personality!

  3. That is some barren Ivv on the back of that card but I'll have to add it to the list. Thanks for showing it!

  4. I'm still bias/partial to the English/French cards :P

    1. There are certainly a lot more of those to collect that's for sure.