Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Kin Cards

These six John Kruk and Darryl Strawberry cards are from Kin, who needs absolutely no introduction. My scanner, though, unforgivably likes to think its smarter than it is and routinely cuts off the edges. I can assure you that the cards are more intact than the scan portrays (on the right).

2013 Darryl Strawberry Topps Gypsy Queen Mini
1992 John Kruk Upper Deck
1992 John Kruk Upper Deck Team Checklist
1986 Darryl Strawberry Topps
1991 Darryl Strawberry Topps Stadium Club
1992 Darryl Strawberry Fleer

Oh my! That Gypsy Queen mini steals the show, doesn't?

Kin, my sincere thanks for these cards!

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Friday, March 23, 2018

More 1992 Topps

Mike M is sending me two cards to get me closer to my 1992 Topps set... But, in the meantime, Adam K and Marc B recently sent me a some cards as well!

Here we have Mike Timlin, Charlie O'Brien, Jimmy Gonzalez, Dickhead McShutthefuckupalready, David Segui, and John Olerud.  Both guys sent me David Segui, so I have two of them and that's fine by me.

Thanks so much Adam, Marc, and in the future Mike!

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Christmas Set

I found this post in my drafts folder... it's only nearly 3 months late...

One of the things I had asked for for Christmas a 1980s set of Topps cards. It's part of my goal to have all the set, base and traded. Well, for Christmas I was able to get the 1981 Topps set. I don't know what my father paid for it, but that doesn't matter at all. Looking through it Christmas night, a lot of the cards looked dirty. I'm not sure if it's the photography, or maybe even the cards themselves (they don't feel grimy or anything). Just old.

It was great to get the rookies of Valenzuela, Mookie Wilson, Damasio Garcia, and that other guy Tim Raines. Of course I think the most valuable is card 494.

I've always been a fan of the front of the card design, the baseball cap is just sweet, to me. And the playoff cards are something I wish they did more of...not like Topps Now, but part of base cards. It's funny to me in some ways that there are more teams than there were in the 1980s but yet there are 92 fewer cards issued from those sets of 792.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

1992 Topps from Shane and Steve

Shane K and Steve C recently sent me some 1992 Topps cards as I try to build that set. It started off last year when my aunt-in-law sent me about 554 cards out of 792 that she had. Maybe they were her son's? Well, they're mine now. In addition to this cache from Shane and Steve, I've gotten valuable contributions to this endeavor from Tom OKerry B, and Mike M.

Steve sent me the Chipper Jones card which was great as I needed that one. I was going to try to buy it at the card show I went to a couple of weeks back, but the dealer that I thought had it was inundated with other browsers and I don't like to elbow my way...

The generosity of all of you have brought me down to needing just 48 more cards to complete the set!

Shane also sent me a bunch of Darryl Strawberry cards and a pin (not scanned). All very welcome, even if some were, in the scan below, cut off and some crooked!

Thanks so much Steve and Shane!

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cards from Ross

I sent some 2018 Topps cards from a spontaneous two box break to Ross, a Twitter friend. And in return, completely unexpectedly, he sent me 14 cards that are presented here in this-y here post.

There are two of Darryl Strawberry (1988 Topps Big and 1991 Fleer), two additional cards (1991 Fleer Houston Astros logo sticker and the 2016 Topps Archives card of the late Tito Francona and his boy, the player turned extraordinary manager Terry Francona. 

And then a host of Washington Nationals cards. The players featured are Bryce Harper (2 cards), Stephen Strasburg (2 cards), Carter Kieboom (1 card; he's got every announcers dream name for a home run; but will he be a power shortstop?), Trea Turner (1 card), Michael A. Taylor (2 cards), Jayson Werth (1 card), and the 2018 Topps Nationals team card. Most of which have been sent to my nephews. I've retained the Michael A. Taylor cards as that's my sister's favorite player and so she'll receive those on a special occasion.

What an astonishing haul of cards! Most of these card issues I had never really seen; I don't normally touch Bowman, and I'm not a total fan of A&G which I think puts me in a minority. I do like the Werth card; and maybe that's just it... maybe I need to see more of these cards. Thank you so very much, Ross!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

4 Cards from A Cracked Bat

So, I got more cards from Julie over at A Cracked Bat. And I couldn't be happier.

There were three John Kruk cards. One of Darryl Strawberry. Let us look at the Kruk's first:

What you see above of John Kruk are
1988 Fleer, Card #589
1993 Duracell Power Players II, Checklist/Header, Card #1
1993 Duracell Power Players II, Card #3

All very welcome; especially that checklist/header card. Duracell, or whomever printed this card did an almost masterfully obvious job of ridding Kruk's caps of their "P's".

And, now, the Strawberry.

Darryl Strawberry: 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites, Card #9

This 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favs card is so sweet. In the design of 1988 Topps, this card is leaps and bound superior to the original issue, card #710. In fact, even the Wax Box Card is better than the base set issue. I'm sorry not to give any love to the original base card but I can guarantee that my 13-14 year old self loved the card when it first came out. Time makes us re-evaluate and maybe makes us more cynical whilst at the same time nostalgic. Time is curious. Anyway, the funny this is is that the cards are nearly similar; but he just looks less awkward in the Fan Favorites shot; the original base set card there are all sorts of different angles his arms and legs are making that just kind of weird's me out. Sorry, I guess the fact that I need help is actually confirmed now...

Thank you so much, Julie!

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Lost Collector

The Lost Collector sent me four cards, one of which was my first Darryl Strawberry card of 2018! And he sent me three additional cards to bolster my Strawberry collection.

First up is a little 1991 Score action.

1992 Fleer next, sporting an unusual uniform. Still weird after all these years.

A 2016 Topps Bunt card. Anyone else look at this and think, initially, this is Curtis Granderson?

And here it is: my First Darryl Strawberry Card of 2018!!!! WAHOO! I do like this one quite a lot.

Thanks so much AJ! If my calculations were correct, this card was my 700th unique Strawberry card and that puts this mamma-jamma in quite an exclusive place in my collection. Sweet!

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