Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cards from Ross

I sent some 2018 Topps cards from a spontaneous two box break to Ross, a Twitter friend. And in return, completely unexpectedly, he sent me 14 cards that are presented here in this-y here post.

There are two of Darryl Strawberry (1988 Topps Big and 1991 Fleer), two additional cards (1991 Fleer Houston Astros logo sticker and the 2016 Topps Archives card of the late Tito Francona and his boy, the player turned extraordinary manager Terry Francona. 

And then a host of Washington Nationals cards. The players featured are Bryce Harper (2 cards), Stephen Strasburg (2 cards), Carter Kieboom (1 card; he's got every announcers dream name for a home run; but will he be a power shortstop?), Trea Turner (1 card), Michael A. Taylor (2 cards), Jayson Werth (1 card), and the 2018 Topps Nationals team card. Most of which have been sent to my nephews. I've retained the Michael A. Taylor cards as that's my sister's favorite player and so she'll receive those on a special occasion.

What an astonishing haul of cards! Most of these card issues I had never really seen; I don't normally touch Bowman, and I'm not a total fan of A&G which I think puts me in a minority. I do like the Werth card; and maybe that's just it... maybe I need to see more of these cards. Thank you so very much, Ross!

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  1. Love the cartoons on the back of Topps Big cards. Some much great trivia.

    1. I know. I miss that, they don't make 'em like that anymore.