Monday, May 7, 2018

Another Harperian Cracked Bat Home Run

The title of this blog post comes from Bryce Harper's recent cracked bat home run. And the cards themselves were lovely gifts from Julie of A Cracked Bat.

The first card up is, perhaps, the strangest I've ever seen. Jay Bell of the Pirates milking a cow.

Jay Bell, 1993 Triple Play Fun at the Park

1993. Just a year or two removed from when I left collecting and so this was a new card for me. The back features, I believe, Vince Coleman, who wore number 11 for the Mets in 1993. But, it could be number 1, Tony Fernandez. Anyone care to weigh in?

I milked that paragraph for all its worth, which did my body good. But forget calcium: I'm going with Vitamin K: Kruk.

Julie sent three cards for me of these sexy Phillies beast.
John Kruk 1993 Finest
John Kruk 1993 Triple Play
John Kruk 2005 Topps Pristine Legends

All three cards were new to my collection and are simply marvelous.

Darryl Strawberry 1988 Donruss All-Stars Pop-Ups
Darryl Strawberry 1988 Fleer Baseball MVPs
Darryl Strawberry 1989 Topps Sticker Backs
Darryl Strawberry 1993 Triple Play
Darryl Strawberry 2005 Topps Pristine Legends
Darryl Strawberry 2009 Topps Ring of Honor
Darryl Strawberry 2010 TRISTAR Obak
Darryl Strawberry 2016 Topps Archives

Julie sent a bunch of welcome Darryl Strawberry cards. Some were dupes, but dupes are welcome in my house. But Julie sent something that has me, in a good way, baffled:

Darryl Strawberry 1988 Pin (by Peter David Inc)

What-the-what is that?

Julie, like OMG, you rock so hard.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Crazy pin. It was a totally random find. Wear it proudly. Are your ears pierced??

    1. Well, I'm grateful you stumbled on it, Julie. My most sincere thanks! No piercings. No tattoos. I'm as boring as my blog.

    2. i'm just as boring. wait - your blog isn't boring.

  2. The Topps Pristine set is one of my favorites. Legends on a vintage design all chromed up. Vitamin K... for Kruk. Good stuff!

    1. Hi Tom! I didn't know of the set before the cards arrived and I'm really digging them.

  3. Julie hooked you up with some sweet oddballs!

    1. I guess Julie figured out to send great oddballs to an oddball such as myself!

    2. in no way did I mean to imply you were/are an oddball. although, i thought the cow suited you somewhat. there's more where that one came from. seems i have a herd of them. anyway, nothing odd at all about being a Kruk supercollector. this is completely normal. i'm sure there are hundred - thousands even - of others out there.