Friday, May 18, 2018

Topps Gallery Darryl Strawberry

This is another Sportlots card that I got of Darryl Strawberry a long while ago, probably in the winter. It came from ACARDFAN. I'm a fan of ACARDFAN for sure.

1997 Topps Gallery, Card #12.  Strawberry is obviously dressed for some perverted Halloween party as a NY Yankee and he brought his friend Tino Martinez along.

I do really like the design of this card; the gold border is very nice and the name plate adds a very unique touch to the design; The whole thing feels like it's an old painting or portrait. I guess that was the point in calling it "Gallery".

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  1. This is a great card. The Tino came is a bonus!

    1. I had a feeling you'd comment on this card! But you're right it is a great card. I really like it.

  2. Yankees - horror of horrors. Night Gallery seems more appropriate.