Sunday, June 17, 2018

____ Goes Great with Baseball

I know not everyone drinks alcohol and not everyone drinks beer. But, I like beer and I am relatively unapologetic about it. Sorry. Wait... Huh?

Recently ran out of beer so went to a local shop and made my own 6-packs. I really like doing this as it lets me try a lot of different beers rather than buying a complete 6-pack or a case and then finding out I don't like it. In this way, it's a lot like the Bachelor or some such dating program. You can try out different ladies (or men) instead of just jumping right into the family!

So I got six IPA style beers, some IPA, some Double/Imperial.  They are:

Melvin Brewing Asterisk IIPA
Stony Creek Ruffled Feathers IPA
Shakesbeer The Tempest Imperial IPA
Hidden Cove Brewing Thunderclap Double IPA
Shakesbeer Act One IPA
Opa Opa A-10 Warthog Double IPA

Supreme, massive kudo's to Shakesbeer not only for their name, but their slogan if is just simply perfect: "Brewed as you like it", which is of course coming from the title of a Shakespeare play. and I had to buy, above, "The Tempest" as it's my favorite play by Bill.

And then I got some Porters and Stouts too, which is large the fault of two people, my brother, and Matt from Bob Walk the Plank. Both of these fine men have changed my palette.

Boulevard Dark Truth Imperial Stout
Revival Brewing White Electric Coffee Stout
Founders Porter
Opa Opa Em's New Moon Porter
Backlack Beer Company The Great Molasses Disaster Imperial Stout
Moat Mountain Brewing Company Imperial Stout

It's summer just about... so I like nothing more than having a cold one after working in the yard (or on the computer) and sitting back and watching or listening to a baseall game via MLB TV or the At Bat App. Add in some peanuts or pretzels and, well, you can't get much better than that.

I had the Thunderclap yesterday afternoon and it was really good. Today I think I'll try one of the darker beers and maybe just mix it up like that each weekend (I'm a weekend warrior with regards to yard work and beer).

I don't think the shift is the problem with baseball and pace of play. Do you? I don't think it takes up that much time; it's the pitchers and batters, really, who are wasting time. Right?

What beverage and food do you most associate with or salivate for when you're watching or listening to a game?

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  1. Depends on the weather and if I'm in attendance. If it's a cold April I'm all about the hot cocoa, but otherwise I'll take a cool refreshing adult beverage and a hot dog. Hold the ketchup.

    1. I get a lot of crap from people, but I like ketchup and mustard on my veggie dogs.

  2. That A-10 warthog can is awesome. If I was a beer guy I think I would have bought one of them just to get the can, actually!

    1. Billy! When I'm done with the beer do you want me to mail you the can?

  3. I'm a bottled water, soft pretzel, and nachos kind of guy. And if there's still some room... a loaded hot dog.

    1. I do love a good soft pretzel. Peanuts in the shell, too. And ice cream in a plastic helmet.

  4. Replies
    1. I'm MAN enough to say I LIKE KETCHUP ON A VEGGIE DOG! Unless it has sauerkraut on it, in which case just the 'kraut and mustard.

  5. If I'm at a sports bar, chicken wings. But those are a bit too messy for the ballpark, so in person, I prefer a brat.

    Drink-wise, I'll take a beer, and at Coors Field, there are plenty of craft brews to be found if you dig a little, especially at The Rooftop.