Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Nationals Strawberry Day from A Cracked Bat

There's really no reason to muck this blog post up with a lot of words. So I'll just say Julie of A Cracked Bat fame is amazing.

Some nice Nationals cards up there from Jayson Werth to Daniel Murphy. I don't know much about Frandsen. And Jonathan Papelsmear looks like he's farting. And the four Strawberry's are superb.

We need to take a bigger, closer look at this Topps Stand-Ups "card"...

And now what about that 2018 Stadium Club!  To date I've opened 23 packs or so and haven't pulled one myself. So, Julie is a Saint and an Angel for snagging me one through her baseball mojo voodoo witchcraft magic.


Thank YOU Julie, again and again. And again some more.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That standup is too cool. I don't think I've seen those!

  2. just call me "Witchy Poo". Be nice or I'll put a hex on you which will leave you with an unexplainable desire to collect only 95 Fleer baseball.