Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Darryl Strawberry's 2010 Obak Mini

I blame Julie. She sent me the Obak regular card in early May or late April and so I had to go and get the Mini version so it could have some company.

This is the 2010 Tri-Star Obak card for Darryl Strawberry.  I don't know what Tri-Star is and I don't know what an Obak is either. It's cool, though.

But I'm not a fan really of cards with the logos and what not airbrushed out. But I do like this particular card.

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  1. Obak T212 was the West Coast version of T206 in that it looked very similar and covered OCL teams. This new version is going for that retro look and has just borrowed the old-timey name to do so.

    1. Thanks for this information it is really helpful to know what I have!!

  2. I do have one of the T212 Obaks in my collection, just so I can say I do. TriStar made these for Dale Murphy as well, and I’m hoping to pick some up down the road.

  3. I always loved the sunset type backgrounds on these.

  4. blaming me? you knew at some point, I would catch up on my reading. Obaks are fun. Not always the best photos used but certainly a different kind of card.