Tuesday, November 13, 2018

"Ugly Sweater" Ugly Baseball Card Contest

I've done one contest before and also done box breaks and I feel like I'm in the mood for generosity again... so, I decided to do another contest. Since Christmas is upon us, and one of the more enduring traditions is Ugly Sweaters, I decided to hold an Ugly Sweater Card Contest.

The rules are simple: Show off your favorite ugliest baseball card. It can be the person depicted on the card, it can be the design or any other aesthetic thing about the card itself, or even the condition if it's fugly enough! Just as long as you find it ugly. One entry per blog/blogger but you can stuff it with however much ugliness you want. 

Once you post your blog please leave a URL in the comments of this post. If you do not blog and want to submit something via Twitter, please add a comment to this post with a direct link to your Tweet. All entries must be in by December 15th.  I'll compile all entries and run them through a randomizer and announce the winner then!

I feel like I should get the ball rolling, though obviously I'm exempt from the competition, so the player who for me epitomizes ugly baseball cards is none other than Willie McGee.  (Also feel free to also select him if this is who your mind naturally went to).

Here is Willie in his 1986 Topps card. Even a great design did not help.

I'm probably on an island here, but I find most Diamond Kings terrible. Willie just didn't have a good 1986 Baseball card year for his DK did him no favors.

And I'm not even sure how he ended up in the position shown on his 1990 Fleer card.  McGee's profile page on the TradingCard Database is interesting to browse.

You probably don't care about any of this, do you? You want to know the contest prize?

Alright, here is the prize. The prize is partially dependent on the number of entries. For every entry I will spend $1 on a baseball card (or baseball cards) of the winner's choosing from any online card retailer. There will be a minimum of $35 spent. So, the more people that enter, the better the prize for the winner! Since I'm not made of money there may have to be a cut off if a ton of people enter.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Not 1995 Fleer. Instead 1988 Topps. https://twitter.com/vossbrink/status/1062364889266708486

  2. Here's mine - thanks for the contest! http://borosny.blogspot.com/2018/11/too-ugly-for-sweater.html

  3. Ha! Great idea for a contest! I can't think of any ugly cards off the top of my heads... so good thing I have about a month to find one!

  4. Thank you for the contest, this should be really fun! I'll have to go searching for an appropriate card, and hopefully get an entry posted in the next week or two.

    1. Here's my entry:


  5. Hope this becomes more than a contest and ends up being a blog bat-a-around. I'd love to see everyone's idea of an ugly card. Here's mine:


  6. I finally got mine posted! - https://diamond-jesters.blogspot.com/2018/11/u-g-l-y-this-card-aint-got-no-alibi.html

  7. This might surprise some


  8. I finally chose what I was going to enter: https://cardboardhistory.blogspot.com/2018/11/ugly.html

  9. I wanna play! https://wrigleyrosterjenga.blogspot.com/2018/11/ugly-sweaters-uglier-cards.html

  10. I just pulled my nomination card from a box of Court Kings.


  11. I put up an entry post. Very ugly. https://thesnortingbull.blogspot.com/2018/12/one-ugly-cardinal.html

  12. Here is my entry:


  13. Here is my entry! Thanks for the contest.


  14. I’m going with Zane Smith 1990 Upper Deck. I’m no Brad Pitt but this is an ugly baseball card.

  15. I feel bad that you have to look at all these:


  16. A card that's just Dam(on) ugly.


    Thanks for the awesome contest, the posts I've been reading are hilarious!

  17. My nominees are here: https://thecollectivemind.blogspot.com/2018/12/ugliest-card-nominees.html

  18. Got mine done. Thanks for the contest.

  19. Here's my entry. https://toppscardsthatneverwere.blogspot.com/2018/12/how-i-print-my-cards-and-my-ugly.html