Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Favorite 2018 Baseball Card

P-Town Tom has done it again and is hosting a Favorite Card of the Year contest. I have entered them both years. I know I entered one with an embarrassing post. The second one was more sentimental. However, in neither instance did I win which I have to assume is's way of saying I suck.

I just checked my scans and according to that I have eight 2018 cards. This is faulty as I did make a complete 2018 Topps Stadium Club set. So I have actually a really healthy batch of cards from which to choose.

Here are the eight unique cards... Though unique is a slight misnomer as the Stadium Club card is in my set as well as my Strawberry PC.

These are all really nice cards. I really like that Darryl Strawberry card in the first row, last one, in the 1983 design. But it falls short of being my favorite card. I put it at number 4.

If it was a favorite card acquired in 2018 that would be a different story as I started dipping into Vintage cards and have a number of glorious ones.

Second runner up is Johnny Bench. I love having a modern Johnny Bench card to accompany a 1974 card of him.
First runner up is Will Clark. This card is both intense and bad-ass. If I was a baseball I would not want to meet his bat in a dark alley.
But I think my favorite card is Dexter Fowler's. He's a injury-prone Cubs defector but if it's any consolation he had a really atrocious year. But the card is sweet. It's all about the view and the perspective here.

I'm sure choosing a Cardinals will lose me some opportunity in the contest, but I just find this particular photograph & perspective remarkable.

Thank you, Tom, for hosting this contest. Happy Holidays to all!

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  1. That Fowler truly is a an eye-catcher - simply put, that's just a beautiful photograph. Forget being on a trading card - I wouldn't mind that framed up on my wall, poster sized... and I don't even care for the Cardinals at all! Bonus points for it featuring 2016 World Series Champion, Dexter Fowler, of course.

  2. Love the photo on this card. Hate the way the design kind of stomps all over the important details (something that this year's design did on the Mariano Rivera card as well)

  3. I think Stadium Club is going to be the most popular choice again. Nice choice!