Friday, December 21, 2018

My First Hank Aaron Baseball Card

Well, since I tweeted about getting this card the other day, I decided to let it jump the queue in my exploration into Vintage baseball cards. For some reason, I like to capitalize the V in Vintage.

In my quest to acquire some Hall of Fame baseball players, one of the the ways which I am finding it to be both enjoyable and economical, is to go for a given player's final Topps cards. (Topps is the preferred card maker for this project).

This card here is Hank Aaron's final Topps card released in a regular set. In 1976 he played 85 games; or, just over half a season. His final game was October 3, 1976 and his last at bat was an RBI single. It was all for naught, though, as the Brewers lost the game 5-2. Some might say he wasn't clutch. The game lasted 2:09 and there were 6,858 people in attendance. One thing this illustrates is that more people show up for baseball games that last longer and should silence any "pace of play" commentary that Millennial's complain about.

I'm not a Millennial, thank goodness, but I would like to complain. I think players should get a card the year after they retire to present their complete stats. It's probable that some of Aaron's 1977 or after cards do show everything, but this is not the point.

This card is slightly miscut, a little bumped on the corners, etc. etc. But it's a graded a PKS 10 to me. It's my first Hank Aaron card! First in the sense that it's from his playing days. I did get a couple 2018 Stadium Club Aaron's.

Do you like Nilla wafers?  I do.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Cool card! Glad you were able to pick up an Aaron.

  2. "I think players should get a card the year after they retire to present their complete stats." Preach on!
    Does the PKS grading company offer bulk discounts?
    And lastly, Nilla wafers are largely underrated.

  3. I totally agree... legends like Aaron definitely deserve a career card.

  4. Always good to get a Vintage Hall of Fame guy. And sunset cards are cool. I agree with the last year of stats idea.
    Nilla wafers are great, especially when mixed into banana pudding 😛