Saturday, December 15, 2018

"Ugly Sweater" Ugly Baseball Card Contest Submissions

The following is a complete list of those who entered the "Ugly Sweater" Ugly Baseball Card contest. The winner will be announced on this blog tomorrow.

I've tried to list a first name, the blog, and then the card but unfortunately I don't know everyone's first name!

Nick, N J W V, 1989 Topps Kevin Mitchell

Bo, Baseball Cards Come to Life, 1998 Sports Illustrated Brooks Robinson

Mark, Chronicles of Fuji, 2013 A Sign of History, Kurt Suzuki

Matt, Diamond Jesters, 2012 Panini Carlos Gonzalez

Rebel Coyote's 1993 Stadium Club Oscar Azocar

Gavin, Baseball Card Breakdown, 1979 TCMA West Haven Yankees, Hoyt Wilhelm

Billy, Cardboard History, Damaged Cards

Tony, Wrigley Roster Jenga, 1974 Topps Mike Paul

Jon, A Penny Sleeve for your Thought, 1976-1977 Topps Ticky Burden

Sportscards from the Dollar Store, 2016-2017 Panini Court Kings Gary Payton II 1/6

The Snorting Bull, 1984 Topps Ken Dayley

Laurens, Card Buzz,1990 Upper Deck  Randy McCament

AJ, The Lost Collector, 2014 Donruss Panini Jacoby Ellsbury

TedSmashCollectibles, 1990 Upper Deck Zane Smith

Greg, Night Owl Cards, A lot of ugly stuff but ultimately 1995 Comic Images Phil Rizzuto's Baseball: National Pastimes

John, John's Big League Baseball Blog, 2010 Topps National Chicle Johnny Damon

GCA, The Collective Mind, 3 candidates but #1 was 2012 Topps Classic Walk-Offs

Trevor, Bump and Run Football Cards, 2 football & 2 baseball cards

Jeremy, Topps Cards That Never Were, 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites, Bob Sheppard

Hackenbush, Can't Have Too Many Cards, 1969-70 Topps Phil Goyette

Thanks to all who participated.

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