Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Marc & Nick Double-Team me

Marc B & Nick V double-teamed me recently with a nice group of cards. Marc sent me cards from Topps for 1994-2010, just random representative cards though many of them are featuring Hall of Fame players. It was done because I had commented on Twitter that I didn't have many or any cards from this era at all. So, it was a terrific act of kindness. Four Darryl Strawberry's were included. And, Nick put a veritable cherry on top with a custom card creation, too.

First, the Topps cards through the years!

Here we have 1994 through 1996 showing Jim Abbott, Wade Boggs, Kirby Puckett, Lee Smith, Len Dykstra, some Pirate and Brett Butler.

For 1997-1999 we have a lot of players including Hall of Famers Trevor Hoffman, Tony Gwynn, Barry Larkin, and Jason Kendall. Kendall's in the Hall of Fame for having, probably, the best cards ever made (Bob Walk the Plank convinced me of this when he was blogging).

For 2000 to 2005, there is a nice selection, highlights being Tom Glavine, future HOF Adrian Beltre, and Harold Baines. And some classic steroid guys: Sosa and Canseco.

 For 2006 to 2011 there are more excellent cards including John Smoltz and Ken Griffey Jr. I just bought the Smoltz card a few weeks ago! If I had know. But having two of Smoltz's last Topps card is fine by me.

The Strawberry cards are grand. 1990 Score, 1993 O-Pee-Chee, 1997 Circa, and 2012 Topps Archives showing him as a New York Mets (right & proper), and as a Yankees and Dodgers.

The final card, courtesy of Nick V, was a custom 1959 Topps card of Sylvia Plath.

Thanks guys! These are some supremely awesome cards to add to my collection.


  1. You are most welcome! Don't count Billy Wagner out, either. When Nick sent me the custom to print I knew it would be a hit.

  2. Glad you like it! I'm just sad I couldn't figure out a good logo for Yaddo but I *think* I got the right year for that.

  3. No idea who Sylvia Plath is, but that's a cool custom.