Friday, March 15, 2019

1980 Topps Robin Yount

Robin Yount. Man was he exciting to watch. And I only got the odd game here and there growing up if they were on a nationally television broadcast or perhaps playing the Orioles, which the Brewers did back then because they were in the right league. 

I like the 1980 Topps design, though I know some don't. Through six years, the card back says, Yount had already hit more triples than anyone else in the history of the Brewers! And just think, in the age of wicked speedsters Vince Coleman and Rickey Henderson, Yount tied for lead the AL majors in triples in 1988 (only Andy Van Slyke of the NL Pirates had more with 15)! He still leader the Brewers with 126 career triples and Ryan Braun is the closest active player with 46. Yount's record is safe.

And who doesn't marvel at his 11 GW-RBI's from 1978. That along probably got him into the Hall of Fame.

This is a card that has been languishing in my collection for a long time and I was able to move it from the one area into my HOF collection. Though it isn't his last card with a full range of stats... which is the area I think I might really develop that subset of my collection. Might have to invest in that one sometime unless someone has an extra 1994 Topps card hanging around that they'd like to send me? "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."

Yount was a first ballot HOF winner with 77.5% of the BBWAA vote. Is that just squeaking in, do you think?

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  1. 94 Topps Yount, hmm. I've entered all his cards into TCDB which tells me even I do not own one. Bummer.