Friday, March 22, 2019

1982 Topps Rod Carew

Anytime you can have a Rod Carew card in your collection you have to have one. This is a spare as I have one in my 1982 set. And so it was awesome to include him in my HOF collection. He retired after the 1985 season but in a seemingly quasi-rare occurrence, Carew was issued a 1986 Topps card which means I may have to go out and get one of those, too, to have his complete stats. I'll trade someone this card for it. Anyone? Anyone?

Carew was elected into the HOF on his first ballot, 1991. Got a solid percentage of the vote with 90.5%. He went in that year with Fergie Jenkins and Gaylord Perry. Not a bad Hall class. 

What team do you think of when you think of Rod Carew: Twins or Angels?

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  1. Twins! But, uh, they are my home team. My first Carew card was his 1985 Topps, so I didn't think of him as a Twin until I was older.

  2. That's a toughie. Definitely watched him more during his tenure in Southern California... but I can easily picture him wearing a Twins uniform. I think it's too close for me to call.

  3. i didn't see Carew play but lean Angels. Not sure why, prob just to disagree with you.

  4. I definitely think of the Angels. Probably due to my card collecting youth and he being an Angel during that time frame. I'm pretty sure I had that card at one point. Nice memory.