Tuesday, March 19, 2019

9 for 9

Carl (Twitter) sent me 9 John Kruk's the other week and he went 9 for 9 in his packet that brought me to a respectable 150 unique John Kruk baseball cards. This level of detail on his part is truly awesome and I am so grateful. Here are the cards listed followed by some images!

1987 Fleer Glossy, Card #420
1989 Fleer Update, Card #U-109
1993 Flair, Card #105
1994 Collector's Choice Silver Signature, Card #168
1994 Donruss Special Edition Gold, Card #7
1994 Fleer, Card #594
1994 Fleer All-Stars, Card #44
1994 Leaf, Card #347
1994 Upper Deck Home Field Advantage, Card #276

Glossy goodness on this 1987 Fleer card.

Pinstripes on the 1989 Fleer design is a nice touch. And the theme is picked up two cards below, too.

The hint of mullet on the superimposed on the card front is enticing. And on the back, I think Kruk is pretending to be a beaver or chipmunk or something?

Classic Collector's Choice Kruk Crotch-Shot embellished with a silver signature.  The 1989 Fleer pinstripes appear here, too.

Maybe that ball is a big high?

The 1994 Fleer front of the card is an all-time ugly, unflattering photograph.

This is another unflattering card front image; I totally love the All-Star "patch", if you will, from the summer classic in Baltimore that year.

Love the back of the Leaf card below with the ticket stub with vital stats and the image of the stadium. A lot of stuff going on but nice. Just wish there were more stats but I don't see how they could have done that.

OMG Carl, Thank You!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Whenever I see a Kruk rookie card... I wince. Wish the Padres didn't trade him away to the Phillies.

  2. the 94 All Star set is one I'm assembling. I'm a sucker for most RWB themed cardboard. Maybe I'm just a sucker in general.