Thursday, March 28, 2019

We're Talkin' Fantasy Baseball

Verlander Arenado
Talkin' baseball
The kiiiiiid and Joey Votto...

So on Twitter, Jeremy T suggested that the regular people that submit #Bleechertweets to Buster Olney and Josh Macri's daily BBTN Podcast form a Fantasy Baseball league and he got 12 people to sign up. We drafted the other day and somehow I fell into the number 1 pick. It was a snake draft so I went first in first round, last in the second round, first in the third round, etc. etc.

So with my first pick I predictably picked Mike Trout. I am wondering if he was picked first in every single league? I almost picked Nolan Arenado. But decided to go with Trout.

Here is my line up:

C: Gary Sanchez
1B: Paul Goldschmidt
2B: Daniel Murphy
3B: Matt Chapman
SS: Marwin Gonzalez
2B/SS: Brian Dozier
1B/3B: Luke Voit
OF: Mike Trout
OF: Rhys Hoskins
OF: Andrew McCutchen
OF: Brandon Nimmo
OF: Michael A. Taylor
UTIL: Andrelton Simmons

C: Jorge Alfaro
3B: Maikel Franco
2B: DJ LeMahieu

Patrick Corbin
Miles Mikolas
Jake Arrieta
J.A. Happ
Steven Matz
Joey Lucchesi
Ross Stripling
Adam Ottavino
Sean Newcomb

How did I do? I'm going to try very hard to get rid of the Yankees--and most particularly and urgently the Dodgers--just on general principle. I'm confident Steven Matz's arm will fall of by his second or third start of the year. Matt Chapman's going to come back down to earth. And I'll end up finishing 15th out of the 12 "teams".

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  1. I think offensively you should be in the top half of the league. I'd be a little worried about your pitching. Lots of guys with question marks there.
    Unsolicited advice: dump Alfaro and find a high ceiling pitcher on the free agent market to roll the dice on. No need to use a bench spot on a catcher when you have Sanchez... especially if you can find a diamond in the rough like Chris Paddack or Trevor Richards.

    1. Thanks, Tom! I appreciate, actually, unsolicited advice moreso than I do solicited advice!

    2. Also, I was going to vote for the "wise" option in your recent poll about taking Trout. But, I can never pass on a good blueberry pancake.
      For whatever reason, your fourth options in your polls usually hit home with me.

  2. I hope Matz's arm doesn't fall off. That would be very bad for my Mets.

    I think your offense is good. Pitching might need a bit of help. At first glance though it looks like you might be a tad bit light in speed? Also, if you trade your Yankees, you had better get a catcher like Realmulto back in return if you are giving up Sanchez!

  3. Hope Matt Chapman goes buck wild in 2019, wins the AL MVP Award and helps you win your league championship.