Friday, May 31, 2019


A while ago a bunch of cool Twitter folks tweeted out about the PERFECT3 discount on eBay. Basically, spend $3.01 and get $3 off. So I bought the following two cards and got them both for .99 cents as they both has free shipping. I'm happy with them.

1988 Topps UK Minis John Kruk, #41

1991 Ballstreet Darryl Strawberry, #1

Nice! The back of this card is hysterically dated. The value of the card may well have been at its peak in 1991 for after that Strawberry was a little too ripe and began to decay.

I'm sure I had the Kruk when I was a lad. But this Strawberry is new to me completely.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

2004 Topps Darryl Strawberry from Tom O! And More!

Waiting 'Til Next Year Tom (aka P-Town Tom) sent me the following Darryl Strawberry card. This is the veritable cherry---I mean---strawberry on top of his previous Kruk/Strawberry package, which I tweeted about, but didn't blog about yet.

That package had a bunch of Toys 'R Us The Rookies Kruk's and 1986 Topps Traded Kruk's and a righteous 1989 Baseball's Best Strawberry card.

Tom is awesome.

Back to the newer card. This card came as a surprise. These kinds of surprises are ok.

What are some surprises that are not ok?

The card? Well, it is the 2004 Topps Signature Retired Edition Black SN99. This is 13/99.

I see no signatures on the card, so I guess this is an error or they used invisible ink or something? The back of the card is wonderful. I really love the band of orange his vitals are on. The photograph on the front is beautiful, too. The logo is fantastic too. I like the dang card.

Thanks Tom!!!!

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Friday, May 24, 2019


HOYLE MARK sent me the 2019 Topps Utz SCHERZER MAX card and it's a sweet.

Or should I say salty?

Thanks MARK!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A Kruking Awesome Mail Day from Mike


A signed John Kruk baseball card! A 1995 Fleer hockey card! Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven. That's what Mike did by including that Fleer card! The Three Kruk's are awesome, though. Especially that signed one. My third signed Kruk card!!!! All of them, as well, gifts from friendly baseball card collectors. This hobby is the best hobby.

Thanks Mike!

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Monday, May 13, 2019

A Gaggle of John Kruk's

Everybody's favorite Twins collector and Twitterer and Twitter-seller Jenny Miller sent me a ludicrous number of John Kruk's the other day, as well as some Nationals cards for my nephews. I'm hoping to get them back interested in baseball cards but they seem resistant.

Here are the cards kind of just spread out.

The Michael Taylor 1976 Topps card from the 2015 Archives set, sneaking in there on the left hand side, is beautiful. Also got some Ryan Zimmerman's, Strasburg's, Scherzer's, a Harper, and some of the more common guys, too. Though, Harper's play of late is more like that of a common player than a superstar.

And here are eight of them that were brand new for my Kruk collection.  That Tombstone Pizza one I had never heard of; and Jenny 1995 Fleer'd me. Not out of spite the way some collector's taunt me with that set, but I think out of kindness. See, 1995 Fleer Kruk has been a missing card for a while and getting it kind of puts me out of my misery.

Thank you Jenny!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Second of two mail Days!

Matthew (Twitter) sent me a surprise mail day the other week which arrived on the same day at AJ's. And like AJ's they had both John Kruk's and Darryl Strawberry's. But he stepped it up too and included two Dwight Gooden's! A positive potpourri of cards.

I'd like to point out the second row, first card: The "Stars of '88" (it's wrongly position on the card backs, sorry). It's one of those unlicensed cards that was rampant in the late 1980s and it a great new one for my collection. That Topps Big Kruk, too, was new.

Generally 1989 Bowman was ridiculed for being over-sized and reverted to normal, standard size in its sophomore issue. Does Topps Big suffer the same criticism? How do you feel about them? I remember having to buy the 8 pocket pages.

Thanks Matthew! You're awesome.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

First of two mail days!

This is the first of two awesome mail day's I recently got in the mail. They came the same day, a Monday, so that was even sweeter! It features both my PC's: Darryl Strawberry and John Kruk and is an array of 1980s and 1990s cards. One from 2012 for good measure. These were sent by The Lost Collector (Twitter | Blog).

Of particular note: The Donruss Pop-Up All-Stars is "popped" and it was neat to see it in 3-D... I'm sure I popped it up when I had it as a kid but the copies of the card I have were unpopped. The 1990 Upper Deck is the Error card with no copyright on the back and joins its corrected sibling!

The Kruk's include roughly 17,984 copies (I lost count) of 1993 Donruss. Which is what I get for sending AJ a Sonny Gray card.

AJ Thank you so much!!!

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