Wednesday, June 12, 2019

1987 Strawberry Error

HeavyJ28 sent me the most unique card I think I've ever received. It's difficult to qualify a statement like that as there are some really unique cards out there. But this one features two amazing things. The first, it's a 1987 Topps Card. The second is it's Darryl Strawberry. But going further, it's an error card as the back isn't Strawberry's AS card. This is what the card back should have been:

Well, the card shown here is Tiffany, but you get the gist and I apparently do not have a scan of the base card.

So at any rate... HeavyJ's card looks like this:

That's sassy!

It's Joe "Don't Have A" Cowley (card #27) and even a bit of T.R. Bryden (card #387) who was a rookie for the Los Angeles California Angels of Los Angeles, Anaheim, California. It was Bryden's rookie card.

I kind of look at this as a double error, or maybe even a rare triple error? First off, it doesn't have Strawberry's rightful back. Secondly, it is a miscut of two other cards.  What do you think? Does the back count as a single error or a double error?

The bumper cards in the pack were nothing to shake your head at either...

I scanned this through the penny sleeve and failed to realize that it had a price sticker on it...

Thank you Jason!

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  1. Something I didn't check before I the orientation of the back correct or reversed? If reversed it could suggest the back of the printing sheet was flipped the wrong way, which would account for the wrong back AND the miscut.

    There is a 1933 Goudey Joe Sewell with Babe Ruth back(s) that resulted from this very thing!

  2. I've never seen a card that looks fine on the front and the back is of a different person and miscut/misprinted. That's crazy!

    1. It is freaky. I was tempted to take a small movie of GIF thing to show that it is in fact the wrong back...

  3. I enjoy errors like these. Nice addition to your Strawberry collection.

    1. Thanks! I haven't explored the error territory very much yet but this card may lead to some looking around!