Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Mail Day from I Draw Baseball Cards

When Baseball Beyond Batting Average podcast co-host Mark Mosley--who was actually, according to my Crystal Ball reader friend, Bill Bergen in a previous life--wants to spoil you, he does so. Recently Mark, who can be found on Twitter at IDrawBaseballCards, decided to spoil me with some distinctive cards.

First up is the 1989 Baseball Talk/LJN John Kruk card! I have the Strawberry already, so this files in nicely to my Kruk PC and means I have both cards for my PCs. Yeah.

I already have this 1990 Bowman Kruk, but this card is in better shape--much sharper corners--than my other copy.  Is this a quasi-homage to the 1989 Ripken Fleer card? Has he written "hi" on the butt of the bat? Must have, as he was never number 14. 

Now I have NO FLIPPIN' clue what the following card of Darryl Strawberry and Don Mattingly is but it's certainly an oddball issue. I can't find anything remotely "Big League Prospect" like at all on Trading Card Database. Any help from the people?

Mark draws his own cards and he has a style that is original and unique and identifiable as his own genre. Often in his cards I find that I wonder if the Italian sculptor Giacometti was a source of inspiration? I like Mark's cards far and away more than I like the Topps Living Set.

The below is a combo card of Strawberry and Mattingly. It's delicious. A card that I don't think ever was, but that I wish would have been.

And then there is this one. 

Mark...drew...me! His inspiration came from a photograph I posted on The Twitter:

He gave a much more aesthetically pleasing background than can be found in the original. And he took out my little paunchy stomach (thank you).  Nice going! It's autographed on the back, which is rather special. And he included a set of cards serial numbered to 5. I'm really honored to have this card, which has joined a different card Mark drew of me a while back. Thank you so much, Mark.

If you don't already, please give the BBBA Podcast a listen. They are on a bunch of different platforms but I link to their Twitter as it's active, fun, and can get you to their shows. I'm largely an anti-analytics revolution MAN, but I enjoy the podcast a lot. Don't tell the hosts, either, but I've actually learned stuff from them. 

Thanks so much, Mark!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Honestly the one he drew of you reminds me of Dale Gribble from King of the Hill lol

  2. I hear Mark does commissions. I'm definitely going to have to take him up on that!

    1. He does. They are so fun and unique. He puts a lot of thought and effort into them. Can't be happier!

  3. Sweet customs! And the 1989 LJN Baseball Talk set is one of my favorite oddball issues from the 80's. The elongated size allowed them to keep all body parts and baseball equipment intact. Great stuff!

    1. Thanks Mark! I like the Baseball Talk one too. I've listened to Strawberry's online but haven't yet looked for Kruk's.

  4. Cool artwork for sure! That Big League Prospect card of Mattingly and Strawberry almost looks like a Fleer design, but it's got to be unlicensed, right? Regardless, I think they reversed the Strawberry image because he's holding the bat on his right shoulder, which wouldn't make sense for a lefty like Straw.

  5. I see this fellows artwork making the rounds on Twitter. He is very talented, and the cards he produces are quite fun.