Thursday, August 22, 2019

Baseball Cards

Jon from A Penny Sleeve for Your Thoughts asked a while back in a comment to a post "I don't know if I've ever seen you mention it before, but I'm curious as to how you store this collection? And I've noticed that you've mentioned getting duplicates, do you keep those as well?" So this post will be about that!

No. I don't think I've ever shown off how I store my collection. I have a small collection probably by comparison to some. The bulk of my cards volume-wise are complete Topps sets and those are housed in 800 count boxes. And those boxes are in big boxes as I've recently moved and don't yet have a place designated to un-box & store them. I have complete sets for 1981-1992. I have the Topps Traded for most of these years as well. This was done intentionally as they encompassed the years I was heavily into collecting and trading. I need to buy or build 1980. But that'll be a project I start once I am settled and organized in my own house!

A smaller subset of my collection, which is also the main focus of my collection are my PCs: Darryl Strawberry, John Kruk, and then a mishmash of vintage cards and cards of Hall of Famers, all of which are linked in the top menu bar.

The below boxes I do have access to.

Strawberry on left; a bunch of stuff on right. See below for close-ups

These house the aforementioned PCs. The box above left is my Strawberry collection. This box is not full, but it's getting there. The box on the right above has several different things going on. First are largely cards left over from the 1980s and very early 1990s that I've kept all this time. Hence the Gregg Jefferies. After that is my modest John Kruk Collection. On the right are vintage and HOF cards.

Not shown: I have a small binder with a 1989 Donruss Rookies set in it; as well as a few over-sized cards just hanging around loose and trying not to get lost. I need to somehow page and binder them.

I think I'd love things to be in binders and thus more easily accessible; but for me right now the problem is storage. The sets, surely, should be in binders for they are complete. I won't add to them. The PCs, though, are more difficult because I'm adding to them and strangely, new cards are occasionally added and there's nothing more annoying to me than having to re-page to make space. This reminds me of those big-ass CD/DVD binders where when a new album or film came out required moving dozens of discs down a slot to maintain alphabetical and chronological order. So, for now I'm happy to keep things in penny sleeves... (see what I did there, Jon?!!!) And in top loaders.

One of the things I did before I moved in January was to rid myself of all my dupes and unwanted cards.  Fortunately there are a lot of people out there who accept dupes and free cards! I found the "exercise", if you will, rather freeing. I don't want dupes. I get them a lot, and I do not keep them. Plain and simple. I hope that doesn't come off as ungrateful for people being thoughtful and kind, but I just don't need or want them. In part because it's clutter and I'm OCD about that and like neatness, order, and control; and in part because I've spent a lot of time cataloging my cards and having them publicly available (Strawberry || Kruk || Vintage) in the hopes that I'll only receive cards I need if people stumble across something. That being said, I don't expect anyone to comb through the lists while they are combing through cards in shows and shops looking to see what's missing. Back to the dupes: I send them to collector's who do want them and to charities. For a while I was getting Nationals cards for my nephews, but they already stopped collecting.

Thanks for the question, Jon! And I really hope I haven't upset anyone.

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Love the lists and I'm glad you pointed them out.
    Also, I've been thinking about storing my Sandberg collection in a way similar to your Strawberry. It's in a binder right now but it's overflowing.

    1. Your Sandberg collection is where I want my Strawberry collection to be! Yes they look better in pages, but because it's a very active collection, the penny sleeves and top loaders (for Rookies, autos, relics, etc).

  2. It's always nice to see how other people store and organize their collection. Great post.

    1. Thanks Fuji! It's a very small & possibly modest collection, I think. Which is fine for me.

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Jon! I posted your comment and then accidentally deleted it trying to reply! But I have it from an email so here it is for all to see:

      "Figuring that you probably ended up with quite a few, I really was curious about the dupes. I was kind of hoping that you kept them though, because then I was going to ask which card you had the most of, but oh well, at least you're finding good homes for them :) "

      Now it's me again: The cards I had the most of was Andre Dawson from circa 1988-1989. A couple dozen of his Topps and Donruss. If memory serves, we didn't have a lot of Fleer in my neighborhood (or I didn't buy many packs). But Topps and Donruss those years were like zits on a pubescent teenager.