Friday, August 30, 2019

Darryl Strawberry Limited Edition Set

I got this nice Barry Colla Collection box set of 12 cards a long time ago, in September of 2016. And I realized recently that I never showed it on the blog. Maybe your lives were collectively better off? Well, sorry. Not really.

This set was issued 15,000 and mine is 9,702. It came in a nice small box.

The best thing about it is, obviously, that it's Darryl Strawberry. The worst thing is the heinous uniform he's wearing.

After his first season which was decent--he was an All-Star and was voted 9th in the MVP award--Strawberry's tenure with the Dodgers wasn't as good as perhaps anyone wanted it to be. It was marred by injury and substance abuse.

Based on your own collections and team interests, who are some notable big free agency signings that did not quite pan out ? Two big, notable, and recent ones I can think of are Carl Crawford (Red Sox) and Jacoby Ellsbury (Yankees).

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  1. That uniform is the most beautiful in sports.

    1. Hee hee hee. I wrote that mostly to troll you. Sorry. I've been lately considering growing up a little bit.

  2. He's having a solid year... but had you asked me back in March, I would have said Eric Hosmer. Can't really think of anyone on the A's... since they haven't really gone out of their way to sign anyone for big money. But if we add notable players acquired in trades, I'd definitely throw Jim Johnson's name out there. He's definitely a name that A's fans would like to forget... but probably never will.