Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Darryl Strawberry Re-Buy

In January I sent out a whole bunch of duplicate and triplicate, and more, Strawberry's to a couple of different good people who wanted the cards. And in the process, sent some cars out that weren't, in fact, dupes. Or my original cataloging was wrong. But, at any rate, I went out and got a few cards I thought I had but no longer could track down in my collection!

1987 Classic Yellow (Green back)

1991 Topps Micro All-Star!

1991 Topps Traded. Now this is the gray back version. I don't think I had this one originally but I couldn't really tell the different between the regular Topps Traded and the Tiffany version so just went with the gray back as at least it looks different. 

Just a shame he's wearing that uniform.

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