Tuesday, September 24, 2019

OPC from Tom

Tom, aka Waiting Til Next Year, sent me a card in reciprocation for my sending him the Baez National Baseball Card Day card. A PWE for a PWE. A very comparable and mutually beneficial trade.

The card I got in return was one that Tom noticed wasn't on my list of Strawberry cards: 1991 O-Pee-Chee All-Stars Darryl Strawberry. Well, it is listed now!

Who's down with OPC? Yeah you know me!

It is my 816th unique Darryl Strawberry card. (Note I've received a few more since I drafted this post a few weeks back.)

The card is bright, fresh, stunning and bi!  Bi-lingual.

I know Tom is approaching a Sandberg milestone; The Lost Collector just did with his Tino Martinez collection. My collecting has dropped off this year but I'd like to make a push for 900 within six months. I think it's do-able I just have to probably go shopping since my trade stock is just about nil!

Thank you so very much, Tom!

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Friday, September 20, 2019

PK Custom Rookie Card and Patch

Mark M draws baseball cards. He also draws custom cards inspired by photographs, his mind, interactions, etc. He previously drew these cards, too. Talent through the roof and I mean that sincerely. I couldn't even trace very well.

He also draws custom patches as can be seen below with my custom PK logo replica patch card. Very lovely and very creative. I've never had a logo before! The "shhhhh!" is a nod to my training as a librarian/archivist. Took a whole graduate level course on "shhhhh!" (I got a C-).

On Bloomsday I was going through some older family photographs while building a special photobook/album for my parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary and I posted a rather douch-y photo of me from an event in New York City last century in June 1991. You can see in the comments that Mark's evil podcast partner Andy egged him on to draw the PK rookie card.

The 1989 design is wonderful; as is the reference to the greatest stat no-longer tracked: the GW-RBI. The GW-RBI is the pre-WAR metric for a batter's contribution to his teams winning a game.

Mark thoughtfully sent some additional cards SN'd to 5 with his twitter handle on the back. I'll likely hold a contest where one of these, signed, will be the prize. Bet I get like 14,000 entries!

Thanks Mark!

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Red Sox versus Phillies, Citizens Bank Park

To my surprise Rick Porcello looked decent yesterday in the game between the Red Sox and the Phillies. It was the second to last game I'll be going to this season. He was up against a largely anemic Phillies team and Jason Vargas, who really reached back to throw his 84 miles per hour fast ball. I wonder if that screws up a batters timing?

I must not have been paying too close attention because I didn't realize Christian Vasquez hit two home runs!

Why does J.D. Martinez have his whole name, "J. D. Martinez" on his jersey?

I was thrilled mostly not to have to see Jackie Bradley Jr. play. I'd've liked to have seen Betts, but he's in a quasi-down year. At least he seems less impactful and noticeable this year.

There is no better place to watch baseball than at the ball park. I've loved my Sunday package of games but have little intention of buying another package again next year. We'll go to a handful of games for sure, but this spring and summer we had less going on than we will next year.

Some photos!

I should have some baseball card blog posts soon as we're more and more settled in our new house. Plus in addition to envelopes from Marc B and Mark M, I did put an order in to Sportlots and those should trickle in over the next week or so.

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